Privilege – “Te Quiero” … Carnival 2013.

Parrots Sitges Carnival 2013

This year Carnival is quite early in February. So what better way to celebrate “St Valentines Day” than by heading to Sitges a little early and take in Sitges Carnival too! In keeping with the language of Love, Privilege Bar will be hosting a Love Party every night….

For more details on Privilge Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Carnival at Bar Seven Sitges..

SItges Carnival 2013 Bar 7

Sunday the 10th of February sees Bar 7’s “Prize Night” take place during Sitges Carnival. Our advice…dress to impress, competition is strong and these guys are experts!

Sitges Carnival – Are you ready?

Sitges Carnival 2013

Sitges Carnival takes place from Wednesday February 6th to the 13th. Traditionally the gay bars El Candil and Comodin have their kick-off parties on the Sunday(3rd) and Tuesday(5th) before the main events.

If you have never been to this event then we recommend it 110%. The city is alive with atmosphere and more than 200,000 people take to the streets on the Sunday and Tuesday nights of the Parade. Check out this video for a teaser to get a glimpse of the madness and mayhem. (Its in Spanish, but don’t worry, there’s not much talking – its all about the party).


Every single one of the bars in Sitges will be full every night. And don’t forget to pack your costume! Join in the fun and make some great friends. And remember, Hotels and Apartments fill quickly so make sure you book now!

Christmas and New Year in Sitges 2012.

Christmas in Sitges

And so another Christmas and New Year in Sitges comes to an End!

Christmas in Sitges

Last night the bars in town were busy with people from all over the world celebrating the arrival of 2013.

Christmas in Sitges

And remember, the next big party in Sitges is Carnival – its in February and its like no other party you’ve ever been to!

Christmas in Sitges

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