Lady Diamond visits Parrots Pub..

Check out the photos of Parrots Pub and Lady’s friends on Gay Sitges Guide below.

Decadanse Returns to Sitges – Gay Beach Party

The Party that captured the spirit of Sitges Pride returns to Sitges on Tuesday Night at the Gay Beach Party. Buses leave from 12.30am outside the Calipolis Hotel. Expect some amazing acts, animation and one party atmosphere not to be missed!

Sitges Got Talent… indeed!

Check out the photos of Lady Diamond’s “Sitges Got Talent” night on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Have a sizzling hot Sunday in Sitges!

The weather is hot, the men are hotter! Sitges on a sexy Sunday afternoon.. what more do you need?

Privilege in Sitges – A hot night in August 2010..

Hot Summer nights can mean only one thing in Sitges… a visit to Privilege. The bar is definitely home to boys who love to take their tops off!

Sitges in August at Queenz Bar…

Check out the photos of Queenz bar in Sitges, August 2010.

Mojito & Co, Sitges in August..

Mojito and Co, in the heart of Sitges busy Joan Tarrida, is the perfect place to come and sip a cocktail while you want the boys go by…

Sitges, Bars Bar in August…

Bears bar has been so full these past few months its been difficult to get in the door, even to take some photos! The bears it seems, are coming throughout the year now, and not just in September!

An Evening with Lady, Parrots in August..

An evening with Lady Diamond at Parrots Restaurant in Sitges, every Friday night..

Sitges, Fiesta Mayor 2010 – The Countdown is on!

The countdown is on for Sitges Fiesta Mayor. The town will be full of dancers, puppets, parades, fireworks and general mayhem! The main event is the amazing fireworks display which takes place on the Monday the 23rd at 11pm.