Bourbons Bar, Sitges, Sat March 14th 2010.

Bourbons Bar Sitges

Saturday night and we finished up in Bourbons Bar..

Bourbons Bar Sitges

The bar has grown to be a melting pot of gay, straight, local and tourists alike..

Bourbons Bar Sitges

It still retains that special Bourbons essence with a new feeling of energy.

Bourbons Bar Sitges

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A Night in Queenz… Sat 14th March..

Queenz Bar Sitges

Saturday night and we dropped in to see Queenz & Co…

Queenz Bar Sitges

The bar has firmly established itself into the Sitges routine..

Queenz Bar Sitges

Queenz Bar is open every weekend from 10.30pm, Friday and Saturday Nights…

Queenz Bar Sitges

Don’t miss next Saturday the 20th… for their Prizes for Putas Celebration…. Check out their photos on Gay Sitges Guide’s galleries below.

Privilege – Noche Espanola in Sitges…

Privilege Noche Espanola

Saturday night and it was off to Privilege for their very special Noche Espanola..

Privilege Noche Espanola

Johanna and friends performed a mixture of old and new songs in the bar..

Privilege Noche Espanola

Privileve is open from Wed to Sunday nightly and throughout the Spring/Summer season in 2010!

Privilege Noche Espanola

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Sitges Beach Voleyball Competition 2010

Sitges beach voleyball - Panteres Grogues

Next Sunday the 20th of March, Barcelona’s Gay Sports and Social Group Panteres Grogues will host the annual 4×4 Spring Voleyball tournament… You can still sign up by visiting the Panteres Grogues website for further details.

Privilege, Sitges – Noche Espanola – Sat 13th Feb

Noche Espanola

Tonight, Privilege is hosting a special evening show, kicking off at 1.30am. Their Noche Espanola will feature a special show with Patrick Vartan and Johanna. Check out Privilege’s listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Saint Patrick’s Day In Sitges..

St Patrick's Day

The Liberty Hotel is hosting a very special St.Patrick’s Supper on March 17th at 8.30pm. The menu is as follows:

  • Smoked Salmon Roulade & Salmon Cream Cheese Pâté with salad leaves
  • Guinness & Port & Red Wine Marinated Beef Carbonade served with Colcannon
  • Brown Soda bread – traditional Irish recipe
  • Jonathan’s Brioche Treat
  • Served with wines, water, and Irish whisky

Guinness available at the bar along with full bar service. Cost is €35 per head with traditional Irish music, decorations courtesy of Jon and Orna and a bit of St Patrick’s Day tradition! Numbers are Limited so please ensure that you are booked by this Friday evening through the Liberty on +34 93 811 0872

Sitges to redevelop Beachfront Promenade

Sitges Promenade

The emblematic Paseo de la Ribera in Sitges has begun a transformation to return to its original splendor, as it was before the 1960’s, when the area was urbanized between El Greco and the area of La Fragata. The goal is to return the waterfront to its original landscaped setting and give priority back to pedestrians.

Sitges Promenade

The parking of vehicles was already banned in the area last summer, and now all traffic will be reduced to a minimum, allowing only the entrance of disabled vehicles and delivery vehicles to local shops, restaurants and bars. The new road will consist of a single lane for both directions of traffic, and not two lanes as at present, with a minimum width to force vehicles to reduce their speed at all times.

Sitges Promenade

The space recovered in the area will be devoted to increase the width of the promenade back to its original size. The most significant change in the historic promenade will be to extend the area of land towards El Greco, and create a leisure space surrounded by lush gardens with clear views to the sea.

Sitges Promenade

The work in Sitges, which will be developed in three phases, has already begun. Currently, they are replacing the water mains. In April the second phase will begin, with the transplantation of palm trees and work on the gardens, and from October the 15th the final landscaping will commence. Sensibly, between May and October no work will be carried out, to ensure there is no harm to the town’s tourist season.

Man Bar reopens for Easter in Sitges…

Man bar

Man Bar reopens for the Spring/Summer Season this Easter weekend. With a range of theme nights from sports to Underwear parties, its always a popular desination. Man bar is located on C.Bonaventura on the same street as Bourbons Bar.

Check out Man Bar’s full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

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Sauna Sitges Celebrates 16th Anniversary..

Sauna Sitges

Sauna Sitges celebrates its 16th Anniversary in Sitges on the 1st of April. The party kicks off at 3am on Thursday the 1st of April 2010 with free entrance for everyone!

For more information on Sauna Sitges visit their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.