Sitges – What to Expect in 2010!

Sites 2010

We continue our look-back on all things 2009… What a year it was. We know that now is time that a lot of you will be deciding where to go on Holidays in 2010! Well we hope that this will remind you of the great times you’ve had here in the past and for those of you who’ve never been, it just gives you a small glimpse into what your holiday might be like in Sitges. Enjoy!

Also, we’ve had lots of emails asking for bigger version of the photos we used in the First Video collection, so we’ve put them into a larger gallery for viewing here.

Three Kings Sitges 2010..

Three Kings Sitges

As the rest of the world gets back to normal next week.. Sitges and the rest of Catalunya prepares for the “real Christmas”..with the arrival of the Kings. Make no mistake..its a big deal!

Check out our coverage of previous events here. The parade through town on the 5th of January takes the following route: Ermita de Sant Sebastià, Avinguda dels Balmins, Port de n’Alegre, Rafael Llopart, Hort Gran, Artur Carbonell, Passeig Vilanova, Europa, Espalter, Sant Francesc, Cap de la Vila, Major i Plaça de l’Ajuntament

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New Years in Sitges – Photo Round Up..

Sitges New Years Eve

Well what a 2010. Sitges definitely knows how to celebrate with all of the bars packed full with hot boys from town and visitors from afar! Check out what happened in Bourbons Below!

Queenz New Years Eve

Queenz broke with tradition and opened before New Year’s Eve to allow guests to celebrate with Lady and the traditional 12 bells countdown! A dutch take on Big Ben! Gay Sitges Guide have the photos below!


Privilege as always was full of festive fun! Party crackers at the ready.. and some lovely french boys too!

Dark Sitges

We also popped into Dark Sitges Bar… along with Queenz its one of the new kids on the Sitges block… and celebrated its first New Year’s Eve in Style.


The boys in Bar Azul were in great form and celebrated New Years Eve in style…


And of course then there was Oreks… great atmosphere and a friendly welcome as always! Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s photos below!

Happy New Year – Feliz Año – from Gay Sitges Guide!

Gay Sitges Guide welcomes 2010

Check out our video welcome to 2010 here with a look back at our best of 2009! We will be featuring more than 500 of our most interesting photos from the past year.. thats 500 out of more than 19,000 taken this year!

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