A night in Organic, Sitges,2009

A night in Organic, Sitges..

A night in Bourbons, Sitges – August 2009

Friday night and we finished our night off at Bourbons Bar. August sees an influx of familiar faces as everyone returns to their favourite bar in Sitges. The boys from Bourbons keep the bar fully entertained. And with great music videos and reasonable drinks prices all night its always a popular choice. Bourbons is open […]

A night in Oreks, Sitges 2009

A night in Oreks Sitges, in August 2009.

On the beaches of Sitges…

You never know what you might find on the beaches of Sitges.

Festa Major – Fiesta Mayor Sitges 2009

The Fiesta Mayor takes place from the 21st to 27th August with the fireworks taking place on the 23rd.