Sant Jordi Fair

Sant Jordi Sitges

The Sant Jordi Festival takes place on the 23rd of April. Roses will be on sale all over Sitges and a large book fair will take place on the beachfront by La Fragata.

Cine Cafe Presents….

No Country for Old Men

On Friday night at 8pm Cine Cafe are proud to show No Country for Old Men. The winner of the best picture oscar last year this very tense action thriller stars Javier Bardem (who won the best supporting actor oscar), Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. It is every bit as good as you have heard and a must see.

Check out the trailer here.

€2 Cocktails at The Beach House

The Beach House Sitges

The Beach House has been opened since Easter with its deliciously tempting menu and fantastic cocktails. Pay them a visit from 4pm to 8pm for some cocktails and choose from their EUR 2 menu. For more details visit their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide.

Sitges Car Hire

Car Hire and Rental in Sitges

Sitge is a very small town and so a car is not essential to get to where you need to go. However if you plan on taking in some of the beautiful sights of the surrounding Garaff National Park, Monserrat or the Torres Vineyards…. or heading into Barcelona a few times, then we recommend a Car. Yes the trains are great, but to really explore the area a car is your best option.

You can now search, find and book the best car deals around with Gay Sitges Guide’s booking engine. Our system searches all of the major car rental companies to get you the best deal. Search for your car hire deal here.

Sunday Beef at Monroes Restaurant

Monroes Restaurant

There wont be many more chances to experience Sunday Lunch at Monroes. The Restaurant will return back to its summer schedule, opening on Sunday Nights from mid may onwards. Reservations are recommended. Lunch is served at 2.30pm with all the trimmings! See Monroes full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Cine Cafe Presents – Superman 2

Superman 2

Many of you may have seen Superman 2 many times before – either on the big screen or at home. But how many of you know about its very troubled history. Originally large parts of Superman 2 were filmed back to back with the first film, by the same director, Richard Donner. However, after disagreements with the producers, Donner was fired before the second movie was finished and Richard Lester was bought in.

In “geek” mythology the Donner Cut of Superman 2 was like a holy grail, often talked about thought out of reach and never to be seen. Now thanks to DVD sales, Warner Bros. financed the finishing of this alternate version of the movie and Cine Cafe have it for you this week, on Saturday.

Its a very different film with a completely different opening (no bomb on the Eiffel Tower) and a vastly different ending. Come and judge for yourself if you think the producers made the right choice 28 years ago!!!

Sitges – The day of the book and the Rose

Sitges, Day of the Book and the Rose.

St. George’s Day, or the Day of the Book and the Rose is a big event in Catalunya. It celebrates the feast of St.George (the Patron Saint of Catalunya). For further information visit this resource page put together by a school in BCN.

Put a twist on the straight tradition and do what the local guys do…give a book and a rose… the best of both worlds. The event takes place on the 23rd of April.

Sitges in April – Step Back in Time!

Sitges Timeline

As you can probably tell, we’ve upgraded the blog software and made it easier to search and find information contained in over 2 years worth of postings. We’ve also given you one click access to every month of the year, so the next time you want to find out what a particular month is like, just take click on the archives link and you can take a trip-back-in-time.

Just be warned. The calendar of events does change depending on when Easter falls. Check Gay Sitges Guide’s Events Section for the exact dates of your favourite events.

Nude Surfing..nude beaches in Sitges?

Nude Beaches in Sitges

No you’re not seeing things. Its nude boggie boarding! Those of you who have been to Sitges before are aware of how liberal the sunbathing scene is in Spain. However for our “Sitges Virgins”, there are several Nudist Beaches in Sitges.

The two most popular are Balmins (not gay, but gay friendly) and Playa del Meurte. Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Beaches Section for further information on the beaches of Sitges.

Surfing in Sitges … April..

Surfing in Sitges April 2008

This weekend saw some great surfing in Sitges. The weather was warm and the ocean swell provided some great surf right across Sitges.

Surfing in Sitges April 2008

Sufring is very popular in Sitges, especially late in the evening. Having said that, most of the surfers photographed here were from France, on an early holiday.

Surfing in Sitges April 2008

If you do fancy surfing, the best beach options are just before the Aiguadolc Port or up by the Terramar Hotel.

Surfing in Sitges April 2008

We’ll keep our eyes open for more surfers throughout the Summer Season.