Sunday Dining and Movies to Boot!

Sitges, British Dinner, Food

Sunday Cine Cafe are back to hosting their British food day. This week includes,Prawn Cocktail, Sausage Casserole and Bread and Butter Pudding, all homemade and any 2 courses are yours for only €10.

You can also check out some great movies showing this week.

  • Sin City on Monday at 10:00pm (18 certificate)
  • Mission Impossible 3 on Wednesday at 8:00pm
  • Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in The Invasion on Thursday at 8:00pm
  • A comic book night on Friday with Fantastic 4 : Rise of the Silver Surfer at 8:00pm followed by V for Vendetta at 10:00pm
  • Memento on Saturday at 8:00pm

Our favourite, Rise of the Silver Surfer…purely just to watch Chris Evans, aka, The Human Torch.

Come along, unwind, watch a movie, listen to some chilled music, have a beer…..

Rally Sitges 2008

Sitges Rally

No sooner has one event finished, than another one arrives around the Corner. Just after Easter, the 50th Barcelona-Sitges Rally takes place on March 30th. Its well worth the trip. The cars are truly spectacular and are all pre 1920's vehicles. Expect some spectacular entries for the 50th anniversary.

Stay tuned this weekend for our best of Carnival Photos. For further information, visit Gay Sitges Guide's Events listing section.

Thank you from Gay Sitges Guide

Gay Sitges Guide

Its been some 2 weeks…but it was definitely a Carnival Party to remember. We just wanted to say a quick word of thanks to all of the bars, clubs, restaurants and other establishments, their staff and owners, who have supported us during the event, to the performers for posing for us on the street and in the parade, to the people of Sitges for their unending enthusiasm, friendliness and party attitude, the police and emergency services for keeping us safe and to you our readers! Our sincerest thanks. With over 400.000 visitors attending it was one of the biggest and most successful Carnivals ever.

Carnival Video Coverage 2008

Check out our video coverage of Carnival Street Parade 2008! Enjoy.

You might also want to check out the performance of La Gauche Divine who looked as sexy as always this year.


Carnival Galleries

></p>  <p>Heres a list of the photo galleries from Carnival. Remember you can double click on any image to download it. It will open in a separate window. If you have any photos you want to email, then just send them to With over 8,000 photos taken we will be adding more galleries later on this week so don't despair. They will all be live by the weekend.               </p>  <ul>  <li>Jan 29th  - Comodin  - <a href=Noche de las Mantillas

  • Jan 30th – Turistas – Bourbons, Locacola,Parrots
  • Jan 31st – XXL – Glamour Night
  • Jan 31st – Arrival of the King
  • Feb 31st – Organic Thursday
  • Feb 1st – Organic Friday
  • Feb 1st – B-Side – Glamour Night
  • Feb 1st – Bourbons
  • Feb 1st – Prinz Roman Night
  • Feb 2nd – Bourbons
  • Feb 2nd – B-Side
  • Feb 2nd – Mediterraneo
  • Feb 2nd – Streets of Sitges
  • Feb 3rd – Bourbons Sunday Night
  • Feb 3rd – Carnival Sunday Night – Gallery 1
  • Feb 3rd – Carnival Sunday Night – Gallery 2
  • Feb 3rd – Carnival Sunday Night – Gallery 3
  • Feb 3rd – Carnival Sunday Night – Gallery 4
  • Feb 3rd – Carnival Sunday Night – Gallery 5
  • Feb 3rd – Mediterraneo Sunday Night
  • Feb 4th – Sauna Sitges
  • Feb 4th – Oreks Prize Night
  • Feb 2nd – B-Side/Privilege/Azul/XXL
  • Feb 5th – Organic Tuesday Gallery 1
  • Feb 5th – Organic Tuesday Gallery 2
  • Feb 5th – Bourbons Tuesday
  • Feb 5th – Bourbons Tuesday – Gallery 2
  • Feb 5th – Bourbons Tuesday – Gallery 3
  • Feb 5th – Parrots Carnival
  • Feb 5th – Cine Cafe
  • Feb 1st to 6th – Monroes
  • Feb 5th – Tuesday Parade
  • Feb 5th – Tuesday Parade 2
  • Feb 5th- Tuesday Parade 3
  • Feb 5th – Tuesday Parade 4
  • Feb 5th – Tuesday Parade 5
  • Feb 5th – Noche-Rosa
  • Feb 6th – Locacola – Widows
  • See the Queen of Drag Queens Tuesday at the Parade.

    Drag Queen

    See the Queen of Drag Queens… Parade kicks off at 9pm with the following route: Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Bonaire, Passeig de la Ribera, Fragata, Passeig de la Ribera (terra-Picnic), Espanya, Plaça Espanya, Espalter, St.Francesc, Cap de la Vila., 21.00H.

    All of the galleries so far can be seen on Gay Sitges Guide Carnival Page.

    Saturday Night Galleries

    Sitges Carnival

    What a night! Check out the photos in each of the galleries below.

    B Side
    Streets of Sitges

    See you tonight at the Parade. The route is as follows: Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Bonaire, Passeig de la Ribera, Fragata, Passeig de la Ribera (terra-Picnic), Espanya, Plaça Espanya, Espalter, St.Francesc, Cap de la Vila., 21.00H.

    Carnival Galleries and Video Blogs.

    Carnival Galleries

    Check out the Video Blog of Last Nights Trip Through the bars of Sitges.

    1,000 Photos plus … and its only Begun!

    Carnival Sitges

    Its been a busy few days…and its going to get even busier. We’ve had record traffic to the site over the past few days! We’re adding photos as soon as we take them, but we’ve now reached more than 1,000 photos since Thursday night.

    Need we say more!

    Check back regularly for updates. Inbetween all the parties, parades and photo sessions..we will be featuring the best of Sitges Carnival 2008! Happy Carnival! In the mean time, check out our photo coverage of Thursday night’s spectacular opening show!