Beach Life in Sitges….. Summer 07

Fun in Sitges

The Beaches are packed every day now. You will find cute guys like the boys above on many of the beaches in Sitges, both straight and gay.

Fun in Sitges

The best time to grab a good spot is from 11am onwards. Get there any later and you’ll be lucky to find enough space for your sandcastle! There is one main gay beach (Playa De La Bossa Rodona) in the centre of town opposite the Calipolis Hotel.

Fun in Sitges

The other beach (Playa del Muerto) is about 40 mins walk from town and comes complete with its own large forest! Balmins, a mixed nudist beach is one of our favourites and is right behind St.Tecla Church….

Fun in Sitges

Check out the Beaches section on Gay Sitges Guide for further details or read all the posts about Beaches here.

Prinz Boys @ Oscars!

Prinz Boys at Oscars

On Wed Sitges was treated to some of the best looking window dressing we’ve seen in a long long time!

Prinz Boys at Oscars

The boys from Prinz Bar showed off the latest D&G collection as they danced for a crowd of onlookers!

Prinz Boys at Oscars

Prinz is located on C.Nou and has Strip Shows and theme nights throught the Summer.

Prinz Boys at Oscars

The dancers performed for nearly 2 hours as people sat in Parrots Bar to admire the view.

Prinz Boys at Oscars

Don’t worry, next time we will give you advance warning if we know ahead that they’re going to be dancing again!

Prinz Boys at Oscars

It was great to see local businessses working together to help promote eachother.

Prinz Boys at Oscars

Oscars is located on the M.Roig, one of the busiest streets in Sitges.

Prinz Boys at Oscars

The Prinz Boys will be stripping tonight (Saturday) from about 1.30am. Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges for further details, or visit their website.

You can view over 100 photos of their performance by visiting the galleries section.


Sitges Gay Summer Carnival

Gay Sitges Carnival

Sitges Gay Summer Carnival kicks off this weekend! Expect the unexpected, becasuse everyone is keeping their preparations as a surprise!
If you do want to have fun though, you can follow our trek through Sitges on Saturday! We have some very Special guests!!!!
Stay tuned for the itinerary!

Lights Out Night in B-Side

Lights Out

B-Side’s weekly “Lights Out” night takes place on Thursdays. So don’t be shy… drop in and have some fun! Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide for further details.

Midnight Classical Concerts

Midnight Concerts

If you fancy doing something a little different and are a bit of a cluture vulture, then check out the series of midnight concerts that take place in Sitges during the summer months. Full details are available on the website. The finale is set to be spectacular with the St.Martin in the Fields Chamber Orchestra!

The Shower – Photo Galleries – Online

The Shower, Prinz

We promised you more photos of The Shower, preview show. You can view the gallery on Gay Sitges Guide’s Gallery Section here.

Not for the faint of heart… and for those complaining about the “Stars”… you will just have to come to Sitges and go to Prinz to see the whole lot!


PS: The next Shower Show takes place tonight in Prinz.

The Shower Party @ Prinz!

Prinz, Sitges, Shower Party

We were given a little sneak peak of the Shower Show on Sunday night at Lady Diamonds Spectacular….. The Shower Party takes place every Tuesday.

We suggest you pay them a visit at 1am before you hit the Gay Beach Party later on that night! The show looks amazing! We will have a full gallery of photos for you later today! Check out Prinz’s full listing for further details.

Gay Beach Party – Tuesday – Striptease!

Gay Beach Party

The second night of The Gay Beach Party sees some very hot Latin Boys strutt their stuff and strip for your enjoyment! A definite must!
Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide for further details.

24 Hours of Hot Sitges Fun!

Sitges Bars and Clubs

The boys this weekend are so hot in Sitges…. we don’t know where to find the time!!!

Perro Total

Yesterday’s Perro Total Fashion Show for Dogs took place through the streets of Sitges… Very stylish pooches! View the gallery here.

Man Bar, Sitges

Man Bar was full of hot guys out for a good time. Check out their gallery.

Azul, Sitges

Always a great bar to kick the night off, Azul! Check out their gallery.

Bourbons, Sitges

One of our favourites, Bourbons, busy busy busy… Check out their gallery.

Organic on Saturday

Organic was so busy this weekend we had to split the days up… Check out Friday’s Gallery.

Organic on Sunday

The photo gallery for Saturday in Organic can be seen here. Remember you can find all of the photo galleries in Gay Sitges Guide’s Interactive Photo Gallery Section here.

See you tonight at Lady Diamon’s show at Prinz!

P R I V I L O U N G E – at Privilege

Privilege, Sitges

If your looking to “chillout” this Sunday, then look no further than Privilege, on C.Bonaire between 11am and 1am. The best chill out music together with a 2 for 1 happy hour between 11am and 1 am will see you through the night! Then check Cout their “White Party”….. where you can look your best with Sitges finest!

Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide for further details.