What will you wear this Sunday?

Its Sunday…and the start of another week in Sitges! Another week of partying, laying on the beach, partying…. you get the picture! Here’s our pick of the best for this Sunday.

Underwear Night, Man Bar

Get your kit off and head to Man Bar

White Party, Privilege

Dress all in white and chill at Privilege

Leather Night, Bears' Bar

Or go dark and in leather at Bears Bar….

Lady Diamond, Prinz

Or drag it up or strip off with Lady at Prinz!

Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Day By Day Guide for information on whats happening every day in Sitges.

Gay Beach Life – July 2007

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

We sent Pierre, (19, 6ft French and Blonde) out with a very high quality camera all last week. He took over 400 shots which we will be publishing in a special section for the end of season. In the mean time here is a teaser!

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

Pierre will be out next week aswell. Remember to ask for one of his famous black cards to be sure you’re getting the real deal.

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

The beaches of Sitges are busy every day now from 11 in the morning till late at night.

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

Cruising on the beach happens late in the evening from about 1.30 in the morning…but remember, this is Sitges so you could find your ideal man at 1 in the afternoon!

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

Remember, the Sun is hot in Sitges, so be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen! If you need a hand just ask the boy next to you!

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

Check out the beaches section on Gay Sitges Guide for full information on the best beaches to go to this Summer!

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

Be careful at night if you do go for a “walk”. Don’t bring your valuables, and be safe! Carry what you need!

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

Sitges is a great town to have fun and meet people. There are some great beaches with excellent facilities. Just remember to have fun, be careful and keep your wits about you! Stay tuned for the full 400 set over the next few weeks!

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

As always if you think you have what its got to be a Gay Sitges Guide Boy, email us at photodesk@gaysitgesguide.com

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

Your photo could reach more than 25,000 unique users per month thanks to our Blog feeds to Yahoo, Google and MSN! So send us a mail and be part of Sitges hottest website!

Gay Beach Life, Sitges

You never know where you might find yourself!

Chill Out – At Air, Sitges

Sitges, Air, Restaurant

Air Bahia is one of the newest additions to the Sitges Restaurant Scene! Located on Plz. Fragata the restaurant and chill out bar has some of the most specacular sunset views in Sitges.

Air, Sitges

Whether its chilling out over a cool cocktail between 5 and 7, dining between 8 and 12.30 or going for an after hours nightcap from 1am, Air offers something for everyone.

Air, Chillout Sessions, Sitges

The Menu is delightful. International cuisine at its finest with the best of local produce infused with exotic ingredients! You will not be disappointed!

Air, Chillout Sessions, Sitges

Check out the full listing for Air on Gay Sitges Guide for further details. – Restaurant or Chill Out Cocktails.

Foam Party – Galleries Uploaded

Sitges Foam Party

The Gay Beach Party Galleries have been uploaded! Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 feature the party shots while some of the hottest photos we have taken can be seen in Gallery 3.


Prinz Presents, PEX – 27 CM!

Prinz Presents Pex

Pex, a very hot stripper from Paris is comming to visit Prinz on Wed. He promises to show you all of his ahem… 27 centimetres… (thats big for those of you still thinking in Inches). The show starts at 1am. Check out Pex’s Blog – Viewer Discretion Advised.

Prinz is on C.Nou. Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide.

Lady Diamond Does Sitges..

Lady Diamond, Sitges

Our good friend, Lady Diamond, ably assited by the lovely Miss Ruby (of Monroe’s Fame), were great sports on Saturday Night during the Gay Carnival Weekend! Complete with custom “designer” sashes with GaySitgesGuide.com emblazoned upon them, the ladies strutted their stuff on the streets of Sitges hitting the bars and clubs and getting rather admiring glances from everywhere!

You can see the entire gallery here on Gay Sitges Guide, and we will feature some of the best ones for you over the comming days.


Wed – Party Nights…


Privilege is having its Strippers Night on Wed. They have some of the hottest strippers in town, so check them out! Get their early and enjoy their 2 for 1 Happy Hour specials.

Beach Party

Then head on to XXL for their 3rd Beach Party. These theme nights are great fun and have been a huge success in the past. Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Gallery section for the photos.

Gay Beach Party – Galleries Online

></p>  <p>We were lucky enough to have the coverboy of Gay Beach Party last weekend!

We have spilt last weekend’s galleries into 3, namely you…the public, secondly the dancers and thridly the strippers.

Of course you can see all of the photos we have taken on Gay Sitges Guide’s Interactive Photo Gallery by visiting here.

Crazy Foam Party @ Gay Beach Party

Crazy Foam Party

If you have never been to the Gay Beach Party, then tonight is one that we definitely recommend! Foam,foam foam!
Its got to be experienced to be believed!

Last week saw some of the hottest boys in Catalunya attend. Check out the photo galleries on Gay Sitges Guide Galleries Section.

For full details visit the offical Gay Beach Party Site here.

Sports or Underwear….. you decide

Underwear Night, B-Side

Looking for a good night out on Mondays? Then you are spoilt for Choice. You can go to B-Side’s Underwear Party which is great fun and attracts a wide range of guys from all age groups.

Underwear Night, B-Side

The B-Side boys will make sure you have a great night out!

Underwear Night B-Side

Remember to wear your best undies! And you get 10% off at Les Garcons when you present your Gay Sitges Guide Voucher.

Sports Night, Man Bar

Alternatively you might want to visit Man Bar if Sports Kit does it for you! This party is electric with lots of hot guys in sports kit of all types!

For full details of whats on daily, check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Whats On section.