Oh La La – Fab Readers

Fab Readers

Its always nice to meat a reader of the blog… even nicer to meet 2! And cute ones aswell. This pic is so sweet. So hello to Julien and Axel who were in Sitges last week and are regular visitors. If you have a photo you want to share, send it to photodesk[@]gaysitgesguide.com and you you could win a beautiful mens grooming kit.

First time in Sitges?

From the queries and requests we have been receiving over the past few weeks, it appears there will be a lot of first-time visitors to Sitges this year, or as we like to call them, “Sitges Versions”. We know you’ve seen lots of photos of Sitges already, but here are 3 that show a unique view of the town…. Sitges from the Air and the Sea.

Sitges from the Air

This view shows the main beaches along with Santa Tecla Church in the background.

Sitges from the Air

Above you can see the other side of Sitges, with the hotel Terramar at the end of town.

Sitges from the Sea

The Gay Beach above is popular year round, but especially from May to October. Its right in front of the Calipolis hotel so you can’t miss it.

We’ll be producing a “First Time Guide to Sitges” in the near future so keep a look out. Be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to get the latest information delivered to your inbox. You could win a beautiful ipod player and docking station.

300 + Bears decend on Sitges next week.

Bears Club Sitge

It looks like the bears week is going to be an even bigger success than last year with over 300 tickets for the even sold already. The event kicks off on the 26th of April and a full agenda is available here.

San Jordi, The Day of the Book and The Rose!

The Day of the Book and the Rose

The legend of the knight Saint George is the basis of the event. Saint George was a Roman soldier born in what is now Turkey. After attacking and slaughtering a dragon which was going to eat a princess he became an example of the triumph of knowledge over ignorance, a model of bravery in the service of love.

The brilliant knight Saint George gives his name to this festival: a festival of books, of the rose – red as a symbol of passion – and of lovers. Normally the man offers a rose to the woman and she offers him a book. Gay boys and girls can improvise we guess…This springtime practice can be altered, however, with each person giving the other a book and a rose.

A special fair will be held on pssg. de la Ribera this Sunday the 22’nd where you will be able to purchase your Rose and Your book….depending on which side of the fence you sit!

Another Monument to Photo!

Sitges Monument

Those of you have ever walked down the steps from the church will know what a breathtaking sight it can be as you turn at the bottom of the stairs. Now it has a new attraction in the form of 3 new statues.

Sitges Attractions

We think they will probably become the second most photographed monument in Sitges judging by the number of people taking shots of the statues last weekend.

Return of the Brazilians…

Brazilians in Sitges

Every year hundreds of Hot boys from Barzil decend upon Barcelona and Sitges looking for Seasonal Work. We had warm temperatures of 24 degrees yesterday at one point and this hot brazilian boy didn’t mind the cold water! But as his trunks say, he’s a bad boy!

Expect lots of more hot boys in Sitges as they arrive in search of work and fun!


Surfer Boys in Sitges

Surfing in Sitges

Instead of being obsessed about the weather, these boys didn’t seem to mind the cold when they took to the ocean for some Sunday Surfing!

Surfing in Sitges

This guy was in a hurry to catch a wave…yum!

Surfing in Sitges

This shot is one of our favourites. You have to hand it to our friend Carine, she takes an amazing photo! If you want to see the boys surfing, the two most popular beaches at the moment are San Sebastian and La Fragata when the tide is on the way in. Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Beach Section for more details.

Get the Guide on your Mobile!

Gay Sitges Guide on your mobile

You can now get the latest news and information on Sitges delivered direct to your mobile phone. Simply subscribe here and you can view our blog from your phone. Great for when you are in Sitges and want to find out where to go without having to carry your laptop on holidays!

Memories of 2006…. Sitges Beaches…

Sitges beaches

The summer is set to hit Sitges in 2007. We have’nt spoken about the weather for over 5 months now, but when we received these photos via email today we couldn’t but help remember the Summer of 2006.

Sitges beaches

The average temperature in Sitges during the Summer (April to October) is 24 degrees according to last year’s statistics. We can vouch for that. The beaches were swealtering during the Summer months!

Sitges beaches

Be sure to pack lots of sunscreen. And remember to ask nicely if you want someone to cover those hard to reach places! You have been warned, so no excuses!

Sitges beaches

Beaches in Sitges get busy from around 10am. We won’t go into stereotypes, but yes, there are towels on the sun-lounges even that early in the morning.

Sitges beaches

Remember, if you are extra nice to your beach-boy and tip him nicely, you can almost guarantee your seat on the beach! So choose a cute one… and a good spot, before you tip. Alternatively you can let it all hang out on Balmins Beach.

To find out where to go visit Gay Sitges Guide.com’s Beach guide and remember to check out our “What to wear” section to be sure you look extra hot this season.

She’s a Lady….

Lady Diamond

Some of Sitges most beautiful tend to congregate in Prinz. We’re talking about Lady Diamond and Marco! For those of you who don’t know, Lady Diamond is the Mistress of Ceremonies at Prinz and tends to make an appearence every now and then! Her new show.. due out very shortly is not to be missed.


And if Lady isn’t enough to satisfy you, well then you can always feast your eyes on Marco, the owner. A great start to the weekend!

Prinz is on C.Nou. Visit their listing on Gay Sitges Guide for further information.