Oxygen Party in Barcelona this Thursday!

Oxygen Party

Celebrate the first 55 Days with the Shadow Bar Oxygen Party. Taste for free the new oxygen flavours such as crazy mandarin, sweet lemongrass and romantic jasmine.This Thursday08//02 from 19.00. Check out The Shadow Lounge Bar for full details.

The perfect penthouse in Sitges.. and what a view!

Apartments Sitges Gay

In Sitges, the view is everything and if you are looking for an apartment then there is no better one than the Ribera Penthouse, right on the beachfront! Operated by SitgesHolidayAccommodation.com this apatment can also be combined with the apartment on the second floor to sleep up to 8 people, your very own duplex in Sitges! Prices start at EUR 125 per night and you can book live online now on their new website.

Sitges apartments

The views of the beach are spectacular and you can look right down on to the Gay Beach to see what's happening or just how busy it is!

Gay Sitges Apartments

The apartment is finished to a high standard and is contemporary in design, perfect for relaxing before a hard night of partying!

Apartments in Sitges

You have complete views of the beach below and the famous Santa Tecla Church. If you ever wanted to watch the fireworks of Fiesta Mayor from the perfect vantage point… this is it!

Penthouse SItges

And you're sure to meet some lovely neighbours as we did last year. These boys from Chicago were here for a week on trip around Europe and certainly brightened our days and nights!

SitgesHolidayAccommodation.com has Villas and Apartments to suit all budgets. You can search and book your aprartment easily and online with just a few clicks.

A beautiful Sunday in Sitges

Sunset in Sitges

Although the weather was a little cooler in Sitges this weekend, Sunday turned out to be another spectacular evening. If you have a camera and you want some great shots, make sure to head on past the Sol Meila hotel where you will find some of the best spots for watching the sun set in Sitges.

Cafes in Sitges

Alternatively you might just want to laze the day away sipping a coffee in one of the many restaurants in Sitges. One particular good one, for the viewing the beach and the sea is Picnic.

Sunset in Sitges

If you go a few miles outside Sitges and past the Terramar Hotel your chances of seeing the Sun dip into the sea are even higher. This shot was taken on Friday as some of the larger boats from Barcelona made there way into Sitges for a weekend of partying. And yes he was parasailing. He looks like hes sailing higher than he actually is so we couldn't resist taking the shot.

Just another weekend in Sitges… beautiful sea, beautiful sights, beautiful sunsets.

Dog Meat Disco – Feb 2006

Privilege, Dog Meat Disco

Congratulations to Glen and all involved in hosting another Dog Meat Disco in Privilege last Saturday. The music as ever was eclectic, the atmosphere, electric!

Dog Meat Disco

Bat Man kept the bongo drums playing…

Dog Meat Privilege

The bar was full of French Beauties!

Dog Meat Disco Sitges

And the odd Italian thrown in for good measure!

Sitges, Privilege Bar

Douggie celebrated his birthday for the second time this week! Dog Meat Disco takes place the first Saturday of Every Month in Privilege on C.Bonaire, Sitges. Keep checking Gay Sitges Guide for more photos.

Prinz – Chill Out Sessions, Sitges

Marco, Prinz

We've heard that the Evening Chill out sessions are going great for Marco and the guys at Prinz. From early evening you can chill out and listen to some great music while you relax during a long winters eve in Sitges. Don't worry, Marco will keep you warm!

Marco, Prinz

Prinz is located in Carrer Nou. Chill out evenings are held from from 17:30 – 23:30. Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide.

Dog Meat Disco – This Saturday – Be Prepared!

Dog Meat Disco

Dog Meat disco takes place this Saturday…. We love Dog Meat Disco, as we always manage to meet the loveliest people! Piere and Rene are from Vilanova and are regular visitors to Sitges.

Dog Meat Disco

Marc, from Monserrat, looked very sultry. We edited the background people out of this shot as he looked so hot, but he promised to say hello this weekend when he visits us again.

Dog Meat Disco

As we left the Privilege everyone made their way to Rickys, where we met Marc from Brighton. That's the great thing about Ricky's. You never know who you might meet!

Dog Meat Disco

Be sure to say hello to all the boys and girls in Privilege… they really know how to throw a great pary!

Last time, we had Nicky's birthday party as a prelude to the whole event.. this time we have some amazing bongo drums!

Dog Meat Disco

And no this wasn't an Easy Sitges convention…

Dog Meat Disco

The Sex in the City girls even dropped in…

Dog Meat Disco

and no No man is safe… even though we think one of them is his wife…

See you on Saturday Night!

Carnival Events – Latest News

Bournons Bar

Our headline news is that Bourbons Bar – (website) reopens after their winter break on the 10th of Feb for Carnival and then again on the 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th. Get your daily dose of great music, fantastic atmosphere and beautiful boys with hosts Eric and Carlos.

Sauna Sitges

Sauna Sitges on Espalter are having a special “Fiesta Del Paquette”… and if you can't work that one out then you will be like a lamb to the slaughter in the Sauna! Entry is free.

Man Bar Sitges, XXL

Man Bar is also re-opening for Carnival and is having an Underwear night on the 19th, whilst XXL is having a glamour night on the 15th with prizes for the best costume.

We will have details of what the other bars are planning over the next week.