A beautiful Sunday in Sitges

Sunset in Sitges

Although the weather was a little cooler in Sitges this weekend, Sunday turned out to be another spectacular evening. If you have a camera and you want some great shots, make sure to head on past the Sol Meila hotel where you will find some of the best spots for watching the sun set in Sitges.

Cafes in Sitges

Alternatively you might just want to laze the day away sipping a coffee in one of the many restaurants in Sitges. One particular good one, for the viewing the beach and the sea is Picnic.

Sunset in Sitges

If you go a few miles outside Sitges and past the Terramar Hotel your chances of seeing the Sun dip into the sea are even higher. This shot was taken on Friday as some of the larger boats from Barcelona made there way into Sitges for a weekend of partying. And yes he was parasailing. He looks like hes sailing higher than he actually is so we couldn't resist taking the shot.

Just another weekend in Sitges… beautiful sea, beautiful sights, beautiful sunsets.