Beaujolais Nouveau comes to Sitges.

Beaujolais Nouveau , Sitges

La Locacola will be one of the first bars in Sitges to serve the delicious Beaujolais Nouveau. Its a traditional European race to be the first to serve Beaujolais Nouveau, which can not be served before the third Thursday in November.

La Locacola is a lovely little gay bar on C. Bonaire. Intimate and friendly it is the perfect place to begin your night out in Sitges. So take a break from all of the Cava and pop in for a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau on Thurs the 16th of Nov.

A handful of Firemen under your tree!

Firemen, Bilbao, Gay Sitges

Yesterday we featured some interesting Christmas presents from Sitges… well how about a whole troop of Firemen?

The latest shots from the Bilbao Firemen's Calendar have been released and they look as good as the first set!

Firemen, Bilbao, Gay Sitges

Nice to see they keep their equipment clean.

Firemen, Bilbao, Gay Sitges

Working out hard!

Firemen, Bilbao, Gay Sitges


Firemen, Bilbao, Gay Sitges

The calendar can be purchaed from Amazon and outlets all accross Spain. And you can have a different fireman every month.

And it appears that the calendar fad is catching.. check out this scene from the Seville Police Department… arrest me please.

Policemen of Seville

The Perfect Gay Christmas Present

The Perfect Present Gay Sitges

So you've decided to come to Sitges for Christmas or New Year…. then hold off on buying your presents at home and come and do your shopping in Sitges and Barcelona.

The depth and range of choice in the shops here is simply amazing. And with Sitges being such a gay place… the shops really know what you want and how you want it!

Lukalimiti, Jewelery, Sitges

If you're looking for some ideas then why not a beautiful piece of Jewelery. From your traditional gold chain to some really stunning designer rings we recommend you visit Lukalimiti. Let's face it, what Gay Boy doesn't fancy wearing a nice big of bling now and again!

Lukalimiti, Jewelery, Sitges

But what do you get for the man who has everything? Well a little shop on C. Mayor in Sitges may have the answer. Pigmalion has been selling beautiful one-off “arty” pieces for a while now in Sitges. You are guaranteed to find something unique in this store. Think Greco-Roman statues, bronze busts.. etc… but tastefully done. Its worth just window-shopping alone to see some of the beautiful items they have in-store.

Dive, Sitges, G-Star Jeans.

Of course, you have to look your best.. so why not hit the clothes stores and shop 'till you drop. We recommend Dive who stock the complete range of fabulous G-Star Jeans as well as several other brands. No excuse to not look your very best!


No matter what… be sure you have something lovely to unwrap on Christmas Day… .Yummmm…..

A Gay Christmas in Sitges… 2006

Christmas in Siges 2006

Its great to hear (via email) that a lot of you guys are planning on visiting Sitges for the festive Season. We have been asked several questions about what Christmas is like in Sitges. Like most places, the lead up to Christmas is fairly frenetic with lots of shopping, planning and cooking.

Christmas Eve, 24th December (Nochebuena)


Christmas Eve is known as “Nochebuena” (the Good Night). It is a time for family members to gather together to rejoice and feast around the Nativity scenes that are present in nearly every home. The Christmas Eve gaiety is interrupted at midnight be the ringing of bells calling the families to “La Misa Del Gallo” (Rooster's Mass). The most beautiful of these candlelight services is held at the monastery of Montserrat, high in the mountain near Barcelona, which is highlighted by a boy's choir performing the Mass as if in “one pure voice”.

Boxing Day, 26th December (San Esteban)

Día de los Santos Inocentes

The feast of the Holy Innocents, December 28th (Día de los Santos Inocentes) This celebration is equivalent to our April Fool's Day, and is a day for practical jokes (las inocentadas).

New Years Eve, 31st December (Nochevieja)

New Years Eve

New Year's Eve is known as “Nochevieja” (the Old Night) as it is the last night of the old year.

Sitges is as busy a place to be as any for New Year's Eve. Most people go out for dinner (so advance restaurant reservations are essential). Later on people go out to party with most of the big gay discos open especially for the night. A lot of Gay people come over from the UK, Germany and France to celebrate in true Spanish Style!

New Years Eve

Many also head for Barcelona and visit the main square (you have to get their early)…. This is not for the faint-hearted. Bottles are thrown into the air and everyone brings their own Cava to celebrate. Firecrackers are left off right in-front of your face so be prepared for mayhem… well worth a visit though!

One tradition appears to be fairly new, it seems to go back to a year when there was a surplus of grapes, and so a new tradition was started.

Everyone has to have twelve grapes prepared, and then as the clock strikes each of the strokes of midnight of the old year you must eat a grape, those that do not finish their grapes will not have good luck in the New Year ! New Year begins in Barcelona like a Carnival party with people in masks in the streets, who-like everywhere in Spain – try to eat 12 grapes during the last 12 seconds of the finishing year. A tradition that is said to bring good luck – if you manage it.

New Year's Eve Barcelona

A lot of the big gay clubs have major parties on for New Years… we will be bringing you their events as we get them. Keep posted for more details on Sitges too as we receive them, we'll let you know!

Tomorrow The Perfect Christmas Present

Update: Dec 8th 2006

Restaurant Eeterna – Drag show and dinner for New Years Eve.. great fun…

Gay T Dance – Always popular… lots of sexy boys. Gay T Dance is sex-on-legs… lots of cute guys..and some Spanish posers… but good fun.. hard house music (as in most of Spain)

Metro Disco – One of BCN's biggest gay disco..popular with tourists and ex-pats

Salvation – hard core clubbing.. lots of boys with their shirts off etc..

Ricky’s – Now Gay Night Every Friday from Dec 1st 2006

Rickys Sitges

Another Exclusive…News just in… Ricky's is to have a special Gay Night every Friday throughout the Winter Season, starting on Friday Dec 1st 2006. While Ricky's has always been a popular destination for gay and straight people alike, a Gay Night on Friday's will add a new dimension to the Sitges scene and add some life into the start of the weekend.

The 101 Essential Tips for the Perfect Holiday in Sitges

101 Essentials

Our aim at is to make your holiday planning as easy as possible. We have been speaking with locals and tourists alike for the past 9 months and have gathered all of their little tit-bits, words of advice and insider tips and have decided to share them with you our readers! Every once in a while we will publish a “101 Essential” tip. They will all be categorised so that you can find them easily. Hopefully they will make your holiday to Sitges even more enjoyable and help avoid those cultural faux-pas that we all make now and again.

With that in mind, here is Essential tip No 1. And it involves Drink!


A “Chupito” is merely a shot of Alcohol…. it can be Vodka, Apple Schnapps etc… They should be downed-in-one and never ever refused! It is also impolite to sit there sipping from your little glass slowly! Go on, be a man!

Barcelona Boat Show 2006

Barcelona Boat Show 2006

The International Boat Show of Barcelona takes place from 4th to 12th November this year in the Gran Vía exhibition centre and in Port Vell areas and will have more activities than ever this year. And suprisingly its not just for boat lovers either. If you enjoy beach life and activities then this is the place to visit. Get all of the latest gear you need for your trip to Sitges in 2007!

The Fun Beach Area will set the scene for alternative water sports activities, such as light sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking and wakeboarding. This area will house a 15-square-metre swimming pool for demonstrations where huge directional fans will create the conditions necessary for sailing, canoeing and trying out small boats. School children will be able to try out and learn about these types of water sports.

Barcelona Boat Show 2006
Look out for Eric Sanllehy, World Junior Windsurfing Champion of slalom in the IFCA 2005 World Championship, and his brother Aleix Sanllehy, the runner up, who will be there on Saturday.

Barcelona Boat Show 2006

Port Vell is the venue being used for the 250 large boats in the Boat Show’s International ‘On-Water’ Exhibition. This location will also be used for numerous other events, such as the Sailing Pro Am, which will consist of amateurs and major professional racers, on 4th and 5th November.

Partying Sitges Style on Halloween Night!

Halloween in Sitges

The bars were certainly buzzing on Halloween Eve. With the following morning off, most people took advantge of the excuse to party and hit the bars of Oreks, Privilege and B-Side befoe hitting Comodin for their After Dark Spectacular then on to Rickys to dance the night away. At 3am we were too tired to party anymore, plus these Bats at the belfry frightened us home!

First off was Oreks Bar. Busy all night with a mix of locals and tourists… some people made an extra effort to dress-up including the friendly staff!

Staff at Oreks

This guy was definitely dressed to impress. You have to scroll down to see the whole image! But its worth it. Shame we couldn't fit his shoes in!

Dressing up tall style in Sitges

Getting ready to take another shot!

Ready to take his photo..

Then on to Privilege… Normally open at the weekend only the bar opened specailly for the night. Some old friends popped-in to say hello too!

Some old friends

Some people dress-up for Halloween… some just want to take their clothes off!

Privliege Undressing

After Privilege it was off to Comodin for their Halloween Spectacular! The bar was packed to capacity.

Packed Halloween Comodin

Enjoying the show in Comodin.


Dancing the night away on the dancefloor..some well know Sitges faces!

Dancing the nigt away

Putting on a great drag show!

Sitges Drag Acts

Dressing-up Sitges style.

Sitges,Dressing up, Comodin

Don't these guys look great!


The Comodin show is one of the few drag-acts held in Sitges and continues to pull a huge crowd every night its on.


Smiling for the camera.


Think she had her bum pinched during this shot…


Mistress of Ceremonies

Mistress of Ceremonies at Comodin

Hands-up….the night is over!

Hands up