Bears Week Sitges

Bears Week

Photos of Sitges Bears Week events which take place in May and September attracting more than 5000 bears and admirers to the village.
Sitges Vintage Car Rally

Car Rally

Photos of Sitges Vintage Car Rally which takes place every March. Cars from the pre-1920's make their way from Barcelona to Sitges.
Fiesta Mayor

Fiesta Mayor

Photos of Sitges Fiesta Mayor, one of the most important festivals held in the village, every August with spectacular fireworks displays.
Sitges Carnival


Photos of Sitges Carnival, Sitges biggest event during the Winter season and has been named as one of the top 10 carnivals in the world!
Privilege SItges


Photos of Privilege, one of Sitges busiest dance bars with resident dj Mr Chi, sexy staff and a cruisy darkroom.
Mojito & Co Sitges

Mojito & Co

Photos of Mojito & Co, offering a unique combination of amazing views of the busy Sitges terrace and some of the finest cocktails in town.
Bears Bar Sitges

Bears Bar

Photos of Bears Bar Sitges, the original meeting point for Bears in the village and is located on the busy C.Bonaire.
bears week in Bukkake


Bukkake Sitges - Photo Gallery - Photos of Bukkake in Sitges, the sexy cruising and late night club in the heart of the gay village.
Parrots Stop SIDA Benefit night


Parrots Pub & Terrace are one of the most popular gay bars in Sitges, located right in the heart of the gay district, in Plz Industria.

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