Easter 2015 – Lady Diamond at Parrots Restaurant

Lady Diamond's first show of the season is the Easter Show with a great menu and new songs!
Sitges Foam Party

Foam Party

Photos of Sitges Foam Party which takes place every Wed, Fri & Sun during the peak Summer Season.
Organic Sitges


Photos of Organic, Sitges dedicated Gay Club with party nights every night in the Summer Season.
Organic Sitges

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Sitges Zombie Walk

Sitges Zombie Walk

Photos of Sitges Zombie Walk, the highlight of the Sitges Film Festival and features more than 1,500+ zombies roaming the streets of Sitges.
Parrots Restaurant Sitges

Parrots Restaurant

Photos of Parrots Restaurant, the original dinner and show concept in Sitges featuring Lady Diamond live on the terrace.
Santa Tecla Sitges

Santa Tecla

Photos of Santa Tecla, Sitges second big firework and religious celebration for the town's patron saint.
Gay Pride Sitges


Photos of Gay Pride Sitges, the highlight of the gay calendar in the Village attracting more than 50,000 visitors over 5 days.
Corpus Christi Sitges

Corpus Christi

Photos of Corpus Christi, one of Sitges most beautiful festivals where the streets of the town are covered in petals to create stunning floral murals.

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