Sitges Pride Inauguration

Gay Pride Sitges 2018 - Opening Reception

Gay Pride Sitges 2018 - The official reception launching the program with local police, invited dignitaries and guests.

Bears Week Sitges, May Edition - Gallery 2

More fun on the streets and bars of Sitges during the annual Bears Week Party in Sitges in May.

Bears Week Sitges - May Edition - Gallery 1

The May Bank Holiday weekend is the host of the first of two big bear events.
Easter Lady Diamond Sitges Parrots 2018

Easter Sunday with Lady Diamond at Parrots 2018

The not so traditional Easter Sunday Show in Parrots Pub with Lady Diamond.
ES Collection Fashion Show Sitges

Addicted - Easter Fashion Show - Parrots 2018

Celebrating the opening of the new ES Collection Sitges Store - The Easter Fashion show in Parrots.
Easter Sitges Triple Threat Show

The Triple Threat - Parrots Easter 2018

A new show for Friday's in Sitges during the Season - first up Good Friday, Easter weekend at Parrots.
ES Collection Store Sitges

ES Collection Sitges - Store Opening

ES Collection has opened a new store in Sitges. The entire menswear range is available on C.Parellades.
Bears Bar Sitges Anniversary

Bears Bar Sitges - Second Anniversary

A fun evening out at Bears Bar celebrating the bar's second anniversary in Sitges.
Sitges Carnival 2018

Carnival 2018 - Sitges - Tuesday Final

Final Tuesday fun in Sitges during Carnival at Plz Industria.

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