Gay Pride Sitges – Photo Video…

Gay Pride Sitges Photo

Check out Part 1 of our video montage collection of some of the best shots taken over the very First Gay Pride Sitges this year.

You can view the video here. Its on HQ, so if you have a slow connection, just switch to normal mode.

The official Video of the entire event is currently in its final edit and will be available shortly.

Gay Pride Sitges – The Making of the Video…

Gay Pride Sites Making of Video

Look out for the promotional video for Pride cumming later this week. The team were out videoing the bars, clubs and beaches of Sitges yesterday in what was picture-perfect weather. Check out some behind the scenes shots below..

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Check back later on this week when the final video will be live. For now visit for full details of what’s happening for Sitges pride.

Sitges Carnival 2010 – More Video Coverage..

You may not understand much of it, but its some of the best coverage of the Carnival to date…

And check out the hilarious antics of the Bed Race that was held earlier on during the Carnival.

Gay Sitges Guide goes Hi-Res

Hi Res

Gay Sitges Guide goes Hi Res this year.. all of our video montages will be converted over the coming days.. . Just click on “HQ” and you will see them in crystal clear quality.. you can even go full screen! Of course you will need a broadband connection to do them justice!

Check out this High Quality one we produced a little while back!

How many people can party in a Car in Sitges?

[youtube: 500 344]

You never know what might happen in this town… just check out this recent promotion for Seat’s 25th anniversary. That looks like some party! The making of the ad is even more interesting. We will have more on that soon! If you’re out partying in Sitges tonight do say hello! Its Birthday time at Gay Sitges Guide.

Carnival 2009 – A Video Retrospective…

Here’s a recap of some of the amazing costumes and atmosphere that took place on Tuesday, during Sitges Carnival Parade. Once again, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our advertisers in Sitges for their help and support throughout the Carnival and to the organisers and participants of the events for their energy and enthusiasm and to the Sitges Press Office for their assistance throughout the event.