Hot Stripper Nights – Privilege

There was a time when there was a strip show in every gay bar in Sitges. The strippers seem to have been replaced by Drag Queens in most of them..

Hot Stripper Nights in Privilege – September 2012

Privilege hosts regular Stripper Nights throughout September. So next time you are in Sitges, check out their Sexy Stripper Night.

September Strippers at Privilege, Sitges.

If you are in Sitges this weekend, then check out the Privilege Strippers.. The show is hot..the men… delicious!

Intersexion at Trailer – Friday Aug 19th & 26th

On Friday the 19th and 26th of August, Trailer will host a special party night…”Intersexion”…. This is no ordinary strip show..its an erotic night, where you can get interactive with the hot guys on stage!

Strippers in Sitges at Privilege…

The Sunday Strip show in Sitges shows off some of the biggest boys in town! The shows take place every Saturday and Wednesday..with the occasional surprise one on a Sunday!

Privilege Sitges – Stripper Show – Saturday’s

Privilege ended May on a high note with one of their sexiest Stripper shows yet!

Easter in Sitges – A night in Privilege – The Strip Show..

Saturday night was the return of the hot stripper show to Privilege. It was definitely worth the wait…

The Privilege Stripper…

Two strip shows in one week… yes, its hard to resist them in Privilege..Saturday’s stripper was very very sexy..and put on an amazing show!

The Privilege Stripper – Sitges 2010..

If you haven’t seen them yet, there is still time to catch Privilege’s Strip shows before the end of the Summer Season.

Oreks – Sunday in Gay Sitges

Sunday night and Oreks was full of guys from around the world enjoying pre-mid-summer fun in Sitges. Oreks is open nightly in Sitges. Located on C.Bonaire, the bar plays great music and has a welcoming atmosphere. They also have a regular stripper show… we’ll let the pictures do the talking! Check out Oreks photo gallery […]