Sant Jordi / St Georges Day Sitges 2012

St Georges Day

Sitges Paseo today awoke to stalls along the seafront selling books and roses in honour of St George’s Day.

St Georges Day

The celebration could not be simpler: the ritual consists of going for a walk and buying a rose, a book or both to give to loved ones, family members and friends.

St Georges Day

The origin of this unusual festival can be found in a mixture of traditions and customs from different periods. The fact that Saint George (Sant Jordi) is the patron saint of Catalonia (officially since 1456) coincides with another medieval custom of celebrating a Rose Fair or “Lovers’ Fair” at the Palau de la Generalitat.

Happy St Georges Day from Sitges.

Sitges – The day of the book and the Rose

Sitges, Day of the Book and the Rose.

St. George’s Day, or the Day of the Book and the Rose is a big event in Catalunya. It celebrates the feast of St.George (the Patron Saint of Catalunya). For further information visit this resource page put together by a school in BCN.

Put a twist on the straight tradition and do what the local guys do…give a book and a rose… the best of both worlds. The event takes place on the 23rd of April.