XXL Christmas in Sitges…

XXL will reopen for the Christmas Season on the 26th of December. So if you’re not happy with your Christmas presents… you can always see if there is something waiting for you upstairs!

Bourbons Bar – Gay Sitges in September

Check out the photos of Bourbons Bar on Gay Sitges Guide during the first week of September 2010.

Have a sizzling hot Sunday in Sitges!

The weather is hot, the men are hotter! Sitges on a sexy Sunday afternoon.. what more do you need?

August – What a weekend in Sitges!

Well, what a weekend. Amazing friendly guys from around the world have descended on Sitges as the August Holiday Season gets into full swing..

Dark Sitges at the weekend…

Dark Sitges is open every night of the week for the Summer season, from 5.30pm..

Friday – Its the weekend in Sitges!

There’s always something to do in Sitges..

A night in Queenz Bar, Sitges – August 2009

A night in Queenz Bar Sitges, August 2009.

Gay Beach Party Sitges – The Gay Beach Party 2009

The Bitch Beach Party at the gay beach party in Sitges, Summer 2009.