Villa Living, Stay in the hills of Sitges.

Sitges Villa

We would like to welcome our latest advertiser to the giude, The Sitges Hills Villa.

Sitges Villa

Located in the mountains just outside Sitges, this villa comes with a beautiful infinity pool and stunning views of the mountains of the Garaff park.

Sitges Villa

The villa is available for weekly rental and offers the perfect luxurious escape at an affordable price! Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Villa Living in Sitges…

Villas in Sitges

If you are looking for somewhere special to stay in Sitges, or if you are in a large group, sometimes a Villa in Sitges can be the perfect option. We have a wide range of villas on offer. Simple select Villas from our Apartments Rental Section on Gay Sitges Guide here.

With stunning views, pools and a wide range of other amenities, stay in style and enjoy villa life in Sitges this Summer!