Carnival at Bar Seven Sitges..

SItges Carnival 2013 Bar 7

Sunday the 10th of February sees Bar 7’s “Prize Night” take place during Sitges Carnival. Our advice…dress to impress, competition is strong and these guys are experts!

Sitges Carnival 2012 – The Hottest Winter Party in Europe!

Bears Week Sitges May Edition

There are some great events taking place in Sitges during 2012… but one of the best and most amazing events has to be the annual Sitges Carnival. Although it takes place during the Winter Season, the Village takes on a life more akin to August or Pride! The Sitges Carnival 2012 takes place from Feb 16th to Feb 22nd.

So pack your bags, bring plenty of glitter and start working on your costume now! And be sure to book your apartment early! Just check out the previous events here.

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Sitges Carnival at El Piano…

El Piano Carnival 2011

El Piano, on C.Bonaventura celebrates Carnival in Sitges, starting this weekend…

El Piano Carnival 2011

The bar is open throughout the Carnival festivities. You never know who you might bump into!

This Year’s Sitges Carnival Theme – Aliens!

Sitges Carnival 2011

The official poster for Sitges Carnival 2011 has been unveiled. The poster, showing a dancing alien, gives us a hint to the theme of this years festivities! Expect lots of Extra terrestrials.

The Gay Carnival kicks off this weekend with Sauna Sitges On Friday Night, Bourbons on Saturday night, Ruby Sitges opening on Saturday evening and the El Candil Show on Sunday evening!

Check out the official Carnival program here:

Coming for Carnival? We still have some last minute apartment deals available!

Privilege – Sitges Carnival / Carnaval 2011

Sitges Carnival

Its Cabaret time at Privilege this Carnival in Sitges! Privilege will open on the 2nd of March, every night, until the 9th of March, from 10.30pm. The Privilege Divas will be out in force!

Check out the photos of Privilge during Sitges Carnival on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Sitges Carnival 2010 – More Video Coverage..

You may not understand much of it, but its some of the best coverage of the Carnival to date…

And check out the hilarious antics of the Bed Race that was held earlier on during the Carnival.

The Death of the King and Sitges Carnival/Carnaval 2011…

King of Carnival Death and Sitges Carnival 2011

Last night the king was laid to rest and in a fitting tribute donated his Carnival Float to Gay Pride Sitges 2010….

King of Carnival Death and Sitges Carnival 2011

Although a little colder and wetter than normal, the Carnival Spirit was amazing and a huge thank you to all of the organizers, associations, performers, business owners and security forces for ensuring this was one spectacular Carnival.

King of Carnival Death and Sitges Carnival 2011

Sitges Carnival 2011 takes place a little later than previous years. The event kicks off on the 3rd of March with the Arrival of the King. The parade dates are Sunday the 6th and Tuesday the 8th of March 2011. And remember the Gay Carnival kicks off the week before on Sat 27th February 2011 at Bourbons. Just so you can plan for next year!!

All of the 5000+ photos of Carnival are available on Gay Sitges Guide via the link below.

Carnival Sitges 2010 – The Streets of Sitges..

Carnival in Sitges

As we made our way from Bar to Bar over the past 10 days, we occasionally got a shot of someone on the street.

Carnival in Sitges

It being Carnival… people seem to be in the mood to show off what they’ve got!

Carnival in Sitges

A hello from the boys at XXL and Organic….

Carnival in Sitges

As you can see… costumes everywhere…

Carnival in Sitges

And the girls at Queenz….. celebrating their First Carnival in Sitges…

Carnival in Sitges

And guess who that is next to Miss Ruby! Hope you had an amazing Carnival…

Parrots at Sitges Carnival 2010 – Sunday 14th Feb

Carnival in Parrots Pub Sitges

After the Sunday Parade it was back to a packed Parrots Pub.

Carnival in Parrots Pub Sitges

The atmosphere as always was full-on-Carnival

Carnival in Parrots Pub Sitges

Its great to see such a mix of people.. straight, gay an everything in-between.

Carnival in Parrots Pub Sitges

The costumes this year have turned out to be the most stunning yet.

Carnival in Parrots Pub Sitges

Check out the photos of Parrots Pub on Gay Sitges Guide’s Carnival Gallery below.

Carnival 2010 – Bourbons Bar Sitges, Feb 13th..

Bourbons Bar Sitges Carnival

Bourbons was party-central on Saturday Night..

Bourbons Bar Sitges Carnival

It is one of the busiest nights of the year in Sitges…And so many people went to such effort with their costumes.. truly amazing..

Bourbons Bar Sitges Carnival

Bourbons Bar is open throughout the Carnival Celebrations..

Bourbons Bar Sitges Carnival

Check out the photos of Bourbons in Gay Sitges Guide’s Carnival Gallery below.