Sitges 6 to 6 – (Sitges to Monte Carlo) Car Rally 2010

Sitges to Monte Carlo Car Rally

The Second Sitges to Monaco Car Rally took place in Sitges over the weekend. The start of the tour was on Saturday April 17 in Sitges, and then the pilots will headed to Monaco, Milan, Modena and Avignon.

In addition more than 100 other cards from different eras of motoring were on display. Check out some of the photos on Gay Sitges Guide below.

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Barcelona to Sitges Car Rally – Sitges 2010

Sitges Car Rally

Sitges celebrated the Barcelona to Sitges Classic Car Rally… there were a record number of cars at this year’s event. More photos will be added to the gallery below.

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Sitges Vintage Car Rally 2010 – Rallye de Sitges

Sitges Car Rally

The 52nd Barcelona to Sitges Car Rally takes place on the 20th to the 22nd of March 2010. The cars arrive in Sitges on Sunday the 21st. We will have more details on the route and arrival times over the next few days as it will be slightly different this year due to the ongoing pedestrianisation of the main streets in front of the Church at La Fratata.

Check out the events section of Gay Sitges Guide for details on the Sitges Vintage Car Rally 2010.

Sitges Car Rally – Photo Coverage

Sitges Car Rally 2009

The Barcelona to Sitges Car Rally took place this weekend..

Sitges Car Rally 2009

The weather was stunning and so were the cars as they made their way through the mountain route to Sitges…

Sitges Car Rally 2009

The cars then made their way through the town of Sitges..

Sitges Car Rally 2009

You can check out the photos of the event from Barcelona, through the mountains and into the town of Sitges below or view previous years in the Gallery on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Sitges Rally Route – Update

Sitges Car Rally Route

As we mentioned earlier this week, the car rally takes a slightly different route because of the roadworks in Sitges. Not to worry though, it still ends up where it always does. You can check out the route below.

For more information visit the Sitges Rally Page on Gay Sitges Guide.

51st Sitges Vintage Car Rally

Sitges Car Rally

As we mentioned previously, the 51st Sitges Vintage Car Rally takes place this weekend.

Sitges Car Rally

The Cars will be on display in Barcelona from the 7th of March at Passeig dels Til.lers del Parc from 10am to 5pm. They will then make their way through Barcelona to Sitges on the 8th arriving at the Port by 12.30pm. The town route is slightly different this year, due to the ongoing town improvements at San Sebastian Beach.

The first of the cars will arrive at La Fragata Beachfront by about This year San Moritz are hosting a special beer reception, with all beers costing a symbolic €1. And to set that 1920’s mood, Sitges Swing Stompers Orchestra will be providing entertainment by the beachfront for the afternoon! See you on Sunday!

Sitges Car Rally 2009

Sitges Car Rally 2009

The Sitges Car Rally takes place next weekend, the 7th and 8th of March. The entry conditions for the rally are simple; your car must be privately owned and must not have been produced after 1924.

The route takes the cars from the centre of Barcelona along the mountain-route to Sitges. The cars will arrive in Sitges on the Sunday morning and make their way through the streets of Sitges.

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