Saturdays in Sitges @ Privilege in July…

Saturday night is the highlight of the week in Sitges..even though some people say every night is like a Saturday. But is still remains a little extra special, as it is a night when locals can co out and party hard without having to worry about waking up early on Sunday.

Privilege – Friday night in August, Sitges 2011…

The temperature is rising in Sitges, that’s for sure..And the hot guys are heading to Privilege to party the night away..

The Lady Diamond Show at Privilege, Sitges…

After her visit to Parrots in her new outfit, Lady Diamond decided she was going to give her new look a test-drive, so to speak…

Saturday Night in Privilege, Sitges..

Privilege Sitges is set for a new look and some new shows and events.

Halloween in Sitges at Privilege..

Privilege is holding a special Halloween Party on Sunday the 31st of October in Sitges! There’s never been a better excuse to dress up and explore their new large darkroom! Dress to impress!

Privilege – Sitges in September…

Mid week in Sitges and one of the hottest places to be on Wednesday is at Privilege..

Privilege Sitges, September 2010.

Privilege welcomed a diverse group of guys this Bears Week.. There were bears, cubs and boys and everything in-between at the bar on Saturday night.

Privilege – Sitges in September…

September is shaping up to be a busy month, full of activities, including the shopping fair on Sunday, the Wine Festival on the 18th and 19th and Santa Tecla Festival and Fireworks on the 22nd..

Friday Night at Privilege, August in Gay Sitges!

August temperatures keep on rising, and so doe the hot guys in Privilege! The sexy club-like atmosphere has Privilege packed every night of the week this Summer.

Privilege – Sitges in August..

Check out photos from a packed Privilege in Sitges during August 2010.