Parrots Pub reopens – Spring Season begins in Sitges..

Parrots Pub Sitges reopens its bars and terraces tonight as the start of the Sitges Season begins. The days are getting longer…and tourists are beginning to arrive. Parrots will open every day from now until the end of October.

Parrots Pub and Terrace – Sitges Carnival 2014

Parrots Pub and Terrace is at the epicentre of Sitges Carnival. The bar will open from Tuesday the 25th of February and continue partying right through to the Merry Widows night on Wednesday 5th of March.

Parrots Stop Sida Auction

Congratulations to Parrots Group and everyone involved in the Stop Sida Benefit night for Aids Charities. The event raised almost EUR 2,000 and is set to become even bigger next year.

Celebrating Bastile Day at Parrots Restaurant.

Parrots Restaurant celebrated Bastile Day in style with Miss Leona and Lorenzo from Backstage bar performing a series of famous French Songs.

An evening at Parrots Pub – End of June 2013.

The boys in Parrots Pub and Terrace were busier than ever this weekend. In fact it was so hot they decided to bare “almost all”…. and cool down.

Parrots Pub in June 2013.

This weekend it is Corpus Christi in Sitges. The streets of Sitges will be covered in flower carpets and this year Parrots Terrace has its own entry for Plz Industria.

Eurovision Party Night in Sitges – at Parrots Terrace

Its Eurovision tonight and where better to celebrate than by watching in live on 3 screens in Parrots Pub and Terrace with hostess Lady Diamond.

A double helping of Lady Diamond at Parrots this Easter

You will have two opportunities to see Lady Diamond in action in Sitges this Easter Weekend.

Parrots Pub Reopens for Sitges Spring Season – 2013

Parrots Pub reopened on Thursday night in Sitges. The main square in Plz Industria has been completely remodeled and has a great new ambiance.

Parrots Pub Reopens for Start of Sitges Spring Season 2013

Parrots Pub reopens in the start of the Sitges Spring 2013 Season for its 31st Year. Join Seastian and the team for a drink on the terrace tonight for their reopening. Plz Industria has a new look and lots of new surprises in store for this year. Check out previous coverage of Parrots Pub in […]