Parrots Pub – Eurovision Party Night in Sitges.

Parrots Pub

Well, what can we say.. Parrots Eurovision Party was a huge success.

Parrots Pub

It was more like a night during Carnival than an night during May.

Parrots Pub

Congratulations to all of our German readers on your win!

Parrots Pub

Check out the photos from Parrots Pub and Terrace on Gay Sitges Guide below.

Gay Sitges Bars – Eurovision Party in Parrots Pub

Eurovision Parties Sitges - Parrots Pub

This Saturday Night, Parrots Pub is playing host to a special Eurovision Party Night from 8pm. Last Year the event was packed solid, (see photos here) so get your seats early! There are prizes and the entire competition will be streamed live on their big screens. Lady Diamond will be the guest MC for the night!

And to get you in the mood, check out Greece’s entry.. one of our favs! And good news, they are in the final.


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