Monroes – Moving up in the world!


“MONROES UP FOR SALE?” – Monroes restaurant is not up for sale, Pablo and Ben will be closing down for the winter months and having a well deserved rest, Doing some traveling and a very long holiday to Thailand.

The current location of the restaurant will be changing as their landlords of the restaurant space have decided to sell it since their contract with Monroes terminates at the end of October. This doesn’t mean that Monroes is disappearing from the “Sitges Scene” just its current “location”.

We at Gay Sitges Guide wish them very well in their new venture. As with everything they do, we are sure it will be a sparkling success. And as we know more, you will be the first to know what really is happening!

Summertime at Monroes Sitges 2009

Monroes Sitges

On Monday, Monroes will be open every day from 11am for Breakfast and from 8pm nightly for the rest of the Summer. Reservations are recommended. With an English and International Menu its a firm favourite. Check out Monroes listing at Gay Sitges Guide here.