Gay Pride Sitges heads to Maspalmoas Pride 2011.

Maspalomas Pride - Gay Sitges Pride

Last weekend, Gay Pride Sitges spent the weekend in Maspalmoas at the annual Gay Gran Canaria Pride. The event, which attracted thousands of visitors from around the world was the perfect place to promote the upcomming Gay Pride Sitges this July.


A huge thanks to all of the volunteers, the dancers, the AFGAL members who attended and assisted, Andy S for the photos and of course Miss Ruby for keeping the boys entertained throughtout the weekend!

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You can check out more than 1,000 photos taken in the bars, clubs and streets of Masplaomas on Gay Gran below.

Gay Sitges goes to Gran Canaria for Maspalomas Pride!

Gay Sitges Pride visits Maspalomas Pride

Greetings from Gay Gran Canaria… where Gay Sitges Pride’s float is getting ready to take to the streets of Maspalomas for the annual pride celebrations. Look out for Lady Diamond.. the es collection boys, the gaydar angels and a host of other familiar Sitges faces in the photos coming next week!

And hopefully we will see all the Gran Canaria boys back in Sitges for Gay Pride Sitges from July 9th to 13th…