The Shower Show at Prinz – Sitges 2009


Tonight check out Marco’s new tattoo and the Shower Show at Prinz Bar. Its one of the best shows in Sitges! Check out Prinz galleries on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Lady Diamond at Prinz, Sitges

Lady Diamond at Prinz

Marco, Lucho and Rasputia all joined in the fun at Lady Diamond’s Word at Prinz on Wednesday night..

Lady Diamond at Prinz

The show, as always, was spectacular and as per-normal, there were plenty of well equipped boys to strut their stuff on stage.

Lady Diamond at Prinz

Lady Diamonds show at Prinz takes place on Wednesdays and Sundays at 1am.

Lady Diamond at Prinz

And don’t forget the Spectacular Shower Shows on Tuesdays..the hottest show in town!

Lady Diamond at Prinz

Check out Prinz’s full set of galleries on Gay Sitges Guide below. Enjoy!

She Returns… this Easter…

Lady Diamond

The one and only Lady returns for her “Season Premiere”…at Prinz on Easter Sunday from 1am. Check out Prinz listing on Gay Sitges Guide here…or if you’ve never seen the show, see what’s in-store for you by visiting the Lady Diamond in the Galleries.

Lady Diamond Drag Show Bingo

And on Good Friday… a very Special Easter Drag Queen Bingo show is taking place. Advance Bookings are recommended. Visit for further information.