L’Angle D’Adrianna… New Summer Menu.

L'Angle Sitges

L’Angle D’Adrianna’s, the popular French restaurant in Plz Industria has launched its Summer Menu. The food is delicious, the team are friendly and the service is superb! Reservations are highly recommended. Check out their full listing on the guide.

L’Angle D’Adriana – A new French Restaurant in Sitges..

LAngle Dadrianna Sitges

A new French Restaurant has opened its doors in Sitges.

LAngle Dadrianna Sitges

L’Angle D’Adrianna is located on Plz Industria, on the corner of Parrots 2! Run by the former owner of Alma’s restaurant, the popular chef will be brining her talents to the centre of town with a mouthwatering menu and a large outdoor terrace!

LAngle Dadrianna Sitges

You can find out more soon by visiting her full listing on the guide in a copule of days. In the interim, check out the photos in our “Latest Photos” Gallery.