The Wedding of Oscar & Carlos at Parrots Pub…

Sister “Mary Vagina”… officiated over a very special ceremony in Sitges this Wednesday. Carols and Oscar, one of Sitges cute little couples tied the knot in front of all and sundry at yesterday’s Bitch Beach Party!

Dinner with Diamonds – Tuesdays & Thursdays in Parrots..

Every Tuesday and Friday, Lady Diamond halts all street traffic in Sitges Joan Tarrida… The street comes to a standstill as there are no tables left… Yes reservations are essential.

Old Pants for new … with Lady Diamond @ Privilege

Head to Privilege on Thursdays for a not-to-be-missed experience. Lady Diamond hosts the ES Collection show… where she asks for cute volunteers to swap their old pants for new!

New Pants for Old with Lady Diamond at Privilege.

Privilege continues to pack the bar every night during the start of July. Thursday night’s show with Lady Diamond is especially popular.

Lady Diamond in Central Bar – Saturdays… in Sitges.

Central bar is hosting regular themed nights on the terrace in Plz Industria from Tues to Sunday. Saturday night belongs to Lady Diamond and it was her first show last weekend.

Lady stops traffic again… Dinner & Diamonds..

Lady Diamond played to a full restaurant on Friday night. As always, every table in the house was reserved from early on. There was room in the street or nearby in Mojito’s and Ruby’s Terrace where you could relax and also hear and see the show.

The Jungle Party at Route 66.

The Jungle Party is always one of our favorite events. The party takes place on Sunday during Sitges Pride at Route 66. The venue can cater for up to 600 guests, but is still intimate enough to be able to chat at meet friends, both old and new.

Gay Sitges Guide Official Float – with Lady Diamond & Her Jungle Boyz.

A huge thank you to Lady Diamond and her Jungle boys for putting on an amazing performance during Sitges Pride Parade this year. Believe it or not, it was hotter on the paseo this year than it was in July last year. Temperatures have soared during Sitges Pride this year.

Lady Diamond has some time on the beach – pre Pride!

Lady Diamond took to the beach on Wednesday with her Sister Princess Disgrace for some much needed rest before the beginning of a hectic pride schedule.

Lady Diamond Returns to Parrots Sitges….

Lady Diamond returned to her home town of Sitges after a tour of Ireland. She returned to Sitges and spent the night in Parrots Terrace.