Sitges Pride 2013 – Working on schedules!

Sitges Pride 2013

The scheduling and planning for Gay Sitges Guide 2013 is already underway. Except even bigger acts, more parties and some new and interesting surprises for the 4th year of Pride!

And remember – Sitges Pride 2013 takes place from the 13th to the 17th of June! Check out the coverage of this year’s pride and see what you will be missing if you don’t make it!


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Gay Pride Sitges goes to Maspalomas Pride!

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Last weekend saw the AFGAL volunteers head off to Gran Canaria to prepare the Gay Pride Sitges float for Maspalomas Pride.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Lady Diamond and Miss Ruby were accompanied by DJs and photographers to put on a show that would show the 50,000 participants in Gran Canaria Pride just what Sitges has to offer..

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

We met many familiar faces… visitors to Sitges, who will be coming for Pride and many new ones who will be first time visitors this year!

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Thousands of Maps and Gay Pride Flyers were handed out all weekend in the Yumbo centre and during the 5 hour parade though the streets of Maspalomas..

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

The event was an ideal opportunity for Gay Pride Sitges to publicise their very own pride to an international audience.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

As well as the hunderes of official photographs which you can see here, several thousand were taken by tourists, keen to get a shot of our ES boys, our special guests Lady and Ruby and of course their assistants.. Ivana and Hernan..

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

The weather topped 30 it was hard work.. and we had a lot of willing volunteers to come on to the Sitges float.. indeed it was one of the most popular!

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

AFGAL would like to thank all of the people involved in putting together the float and promoting the event throughout Gran Canaria.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

A big thanks too to Sitges Tourism.. without their sponsorship of the event, the trip would not have been possible.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

The next Pride at which Sitges is participating in is Barcelona which takes place on Sat the 28th of June… If you would like to come along and be part of our float please email We are always looking for sexy Volunteers!

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

AFGAL are also seeking to take part in the Madrid Pride event.. to ensure we get the message out to as many people as possible about Sitges first every Pride. AFGAL are still seeking sponsors for the event. All donations gratefully accepted – email to see how you or your business can help.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Full photos of the Friday and Saturday night’s events can be see on our galleries at Gay Gran Canaria below.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Sitges Pride – The World is talking..

Sitges Pride

Well the buzz about pride is certainly going international. From discussions on frequent flyer forums to blog posts on international travel magazines such as Passport… plus traffic to the Pride Site from every place under the sun.. It looks like its going to be one International event!

Here’s some more promo photos to get you in the mood for the event which runs from the 9th to the 13th of July.

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Sitges Pride 2010 – What will you be?

Gay Pride Sitges 2010

Well its been one amazing Carnival… and it appears after talking to everyone who was here.. that most of you will be returning for Sitges First Gay Pride in 2010…

You can check out the full itinerary on the official Gay Pride Sitges Site here. And remember if you want to help out you can go to the volunteer or take-part section and donate your time.

Now the question on everyone’s mind is… Costumes!!!

Gay Pride Sitges 2010 – VIP Packages

Gay Pride Sitges

If you’re planning to come to Sitges Pride in 2010, then you better start planning now. Its already busy in Sitges in July and this event is expected to attract thousands of visitors from across the world. The Circuit Festival in Barcelona attracted more than 50,000 visitors and Sitges was booked solid in August. Likewise, Barcelona Pride had more than 45,000 attendees.

Sitges expects record numbers. With parades, special concerts, pre-parties, beach parties and more to come, ensure that you get VIP treatment right from the very beginning. We will be launching our VIP packages shortly. For further information or to book your hotel or apartment contact or use the contact form.

More photos from Barcelona Gay Pride 2010

Gay Barcelona Pride

While you may have seen the earlier galleries of Pride featuring the Sitges float, we also had our cameras covering other floats at the event.

Gay Barcelona Pride

The guys were hot, the floats were amazing and the atmosphere was electric!

Gay Barcelona Pride

We’re still going through the photos with more than 2,500 taken, so those of you looking for shots of the cute Spiderman or the Man dressed only in Chains!!! will have to wait.

Gay Barcelona Pride

With an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 people attending and participating, the event has surpassed everyone’s expectations and bodes well for Sitges First Pride on July 9th to 11th 2010.

Gay Barcelona Pride

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone that was involved on the day. Stay tuned for exciting news of Gay Pride Sitges over the comming days.

Below is just a selection, check out the gallery link at the end for the full tour!

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See more in the interactive galleries below.

AFGAL Sitges announces the dates for Gay Pride Sitges 2010

Gay Pride Sitges

The AFGAL Sitges committee today announced the dates for Gay Pride Sitges 2010. It will take place on the second weekend of July from the 9th to the 11th, with a major parade through the streets of Sitges taking place on the Saturday 10th of July. It promises to be a spectacular event and one of the highlights in the World Pride Calendar 2010.

AFGAL Sitges – General Meeting

AFGAL - Association of Gays and Lesbians - Sitges

AFGAL – The Association of Gays and Lesbians – Sitges is having its third general meeting on the 16th of June. The venue is Ma Maison Restaurant and the meeting takes place at 5pm.

The website is currently live in English and Iwill be translated into Spanish and other languages shortly.

All interested parties, businesses (both gay and gay-friendly) are invited to attend to learn more about the plans for this years entry into Barcelona Pride and next years Gay Pride Sitges.

For more details visit

Gay Pride Sitges 2010 & Barcelona Pride 2009

Gay Pride Sitges

This Thursday Evening, the second meeting of the new Gay Pride Sitges Group meets at Parrots Hotel, in the breakfast bar at 6pm. Businesses interested in supporting Sitges presence at the Barcelona Gay Pride this June together with learning about the plans for Sitges Pride in 2010 should attend this event.

We will have further details for you as they are announced, but we can guarantee that in 2010 there will be one hell of a party in Sitges.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the first Pride in Sitges will be held in 2010. Dates are in flux at the moment, but June and July are looking like the favourites at the moment. Stay Tuned to