Sitges Pride 2013 – Working on schedules!

The scheduling and planning for Gay Sitges Guide 2013 is already underway. Except even bigger acts, more parties and some new and interesting surprises for the 4th year of Pride!

Gay Pride Sitges goes to Maspalomas Pride!

Sitges took part in the Maspalomas Pride to highlight the very first Gay Pride Sitges event taking place in July 9th to 13th this year.

Sitges Pride – The World is talking..

Gay Pride Sitges looks like its going to attract an international audience from the 4 corners of the globe this July 9th to 13th…

Sitges Pride 2010 – What will you be?

Sitges Gay Pride, our very first one takes place the 9th to 11th of July 2010..

AFGAL Sitges announces the dates for Gay Pride Sitges 2010

Gay Pride Sitges takes place on July 9th to 11th 2010.