Organic, Sitges – 11th Anniversary Tonight!

Tonight, Wed the 11th of August, Organic celebrates its 11th Anniversary from 2.30am. It is one of Sitges busiest clubs. Come celebrate.

Organic, Sitges – June 22nd 2010.

Check out the photos of Organic on Gay Sitges Guide, open nightly from 2.30am.

Gay Sitges Clubs – Organic – Sat 22nd May

Check out the photos from The Organic Dance Club on Sat Night the 22nd of May.

Easter Sunday in Sitges – At Organic!

Sunday Night and as the Easter Break draws to a close here in Sitges.. it was off to Organic for one last night of partying!

Organic in August, Sitges 2009.

A Wednesday night in Organic, Sitges.