Spring in Sitges… and there’s fun in the forest..

Forest Gay Sitges

As the mild weather continues, early visitors are asking us questions about the cruisiest parts of Sitges. Dead Mans Beach, while not yet ready for sunbathing is still quite busy at weekends according to local reports…. especially by the forest on the far side.

For more information check out the beaches section on Gay Sitges Guide… as from early April…Easter weekend and the upcoming May Bears weekend… expect it to get even busier!

Where to park your flip flops… in Sitges


Sitges has over 25 different beaches. And beaches are the one item we get emails about more than any other. Where are they, how to get to them..etc.

Well check out our “Beaches Section” on Gay Sitges Guide here to find out all you need to know.

There is one main gay beach right in front of the Calipolis Hotel in Sitges. There are 2 other beaches, one mixed nudist and one exclusively gay.

Google Maps now have 360 degree views of all of Sitges, apart from the centre of town. They are being embedded into our listings. Take a virtual tour of the town on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Rainbow Beach Sitges – This Tuesday

Rainbow Beach Sitges

This Tuesday, Rainbow Beach is hosting its second afternoon beach event. Every Tuesday, relax at Rainbow Beach (Alberto Beach, just after Kansas Chiringuito). With tapas, bar, DJ, and a vip area, its the perfect beach to top up your tan for the long night ahead.

Gay Sitges Guide at the Beach…

Gay Sitges Guide

Sunday afternoon and in between working with the Lonely Planet TV crew, we managed to catch a few photos of some hot guys in Sitges..

Gay Sitges Guide

The beaches are particularly busy on Sundays so get their early to ensure a prime position!

Gay Sitges Guide

You can check out the galleries by visiting the link below.

Rainbow Beach – Sitges July 14th 2009

rainbow beach, sitges

Join us at Rainbow Beach tomorrow and chill out with some of the hottest boys in Sitges at the ultimate gay beach, Rainbow Beach. The party takes place at Alberto Beach, just after the Calipolis Hotel.

Complete with a VIP area, bar, tapas, sun lounges, DJ and lots more..its the perfect place to spend a Tuesday afternoon while you top up your tan for the long night ahead. See you in the photos on Wednesday!

Rainbow Beach Sitges

Rainbow beach sitges

Today marks the inauguration of Rainbow Beach, a special once a week beach event held at Alberto Beach, Sitges. Check out the beaches section on Gay Sitges Guide for details.

The event should prove popular. With live DJ, a bar right on the beach and hot guys from all around the world, its a break from the norm and a welcome addition to the Sitges beach scene!