XXL Reopens for Weekends from Feb 11th..

XXL Reopens Feb 2011

XXL will reopen for weekends from the 11th of February. Check out XXL’s full listing on Gay Sitges Guide for more details.

Privilege, Sitges – Noche Espanola – Sat 13th Feb

Noche Espanola

Tonight, Privilege is hosting a special evening show, kicking off at 1.30am. Their Noche Espanola will feature a special show with Patrick Vartan and Johanna. Check out Privilege’s listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Christmas Bars in Sitges 2009

Gay Sitges Bars Open 2009

A lot of you are coming to Sitges for Christmas. We can tell you that all of the bars listed above are open for the Christmas and New Year Period. You can find a full listing of the bars on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Where to go and how to know in Sitges?

Gay Sitges Guide

If you’re in the mood to party and want to do it without breaking the bank, happy hours are always a popular option. Well you can start partying at 5pm and continue on to and hit over 6 different happy-hours, every night in Sitges! Check out the bars section of Gay Sitges Guide for complete details of the happy hours on offer!

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Privilege, Sitges in July…

Privilege Sitges

Thursday Night and we popped-in to Privilege.

Privilege Sitges

Located on C.Bonaire,Privilege is open 7 nights a week, with special theme nights, striptease, and happy hours.

Privilege Sitges

The bar is popular with hot guys from around the world who love to dance and have a good time. Their dark night on Thursdays is especially popular.

Privilege Sitges

Check out on Gay Sitges Guide for further information on the bar.

Privilege Sitges

The Bars and Boys of Bonaventura, Sitges

Bonaventura Sitges

Calle Bonaventura in Sitges is home to some of the longest-running and most popular bars in Sitges.

Bonaventura Sitges

First off you have Bourbons Bar, always a firm favourite with local guys and tourists. Check out their listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Bonaventura Sitges

You should also try Bar Azul, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Happy hours, great music, friendly staff and a cosy atmosphere make this one a definite must! View listing here.

Bonaventura Sitges

Finally, its off to Mediterraneo.. to mingle with the bold-and-the beautiful. A fantastic bar, one of the largest in Sitges, also celebrating its 20th anniversary. Check out their Gay Sitges Guide listing here.

So be sure to check out Bonaventura on your next trip to Sitges! You wont be disappointed. Oh..and by the way.. Sauna Sitges is very close by, so as you finish the night, you can always pop in for a late night drink and a wander… and of course their legendary foam parties! Check out Sauna Sites listing here.

Bonaventura Sitges

Wandering Wednesdays in Sitges…


After a crazy San Juan Eve, we decided to take a more gentle pace on Wednesday night, pacing ourselves for the opening night of the Gay Beach Party on Thursday night and the pride celebrations this weekend in Barcelona. We dropped in on the boys at Bourbons. Check out the photos here.


And then it was off to Marypili for a nightcap…. Check out Marypili’s listing on Gay Stiges Guide here.

2 for 1 Sundays in Sitges…

Happy hour in Sitges

Make your Euros, Pounds and Dollars go further this weekend. Take in one of the happy hours in Sitges bars:

  • El horno – 5pm to 7pm
  • B-Side – 9.30pm to 11.30pm
  • Oreks – 10.30pm to 12am
  • XXL – 10pm to 12am
  • Privilege – 11pm to 1am

Check out the Bars Section of Gay Sitges Guide fore more details.