Dark Sitges – Carnival Party 2013.

Dark Siges, known for its unusual posters and parties, once again surprises us with its “Are you crazy?” Carnival theme. Who knows what’s in store for you when you visit one of Sitges most popular bars of the moment.

Dark Sitges – Third Anniversary…

Dark Sitges celebrates its Third Anniversary this Saturday in what is a weekend of parties in Sitges this Easter.

Dark Sitges – Carnival Sitges 2012

Dark Sitges will be open throughout the Carnival with one of the best vantage points to view the parade on C.Bonaire. They kick off their celebrations on the 16th of February.

Dark Sitges – Underwear nights…

Check out Dark Sitges Underwear Night every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night! We can’t really go in and photo the action..but let’s just say you will not be disappointed…

Dark Sitges – Underwear Nights – August 2011..

We can’t really take photos of the underwear parties…but if the lovely David doesn’t entice you in the door..well then… you are missing out! Check out Dark Sitges Underwear Night every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night!

Dark Sitges in July – Sitges 2011

One of the newer bars to Sitges, Dark Sitges has definitely cornered a niche in attracting hot men looking for a good time!

Dark Sitges – Sexy and a little bit different!

Its hard not to stop and stare at Dark Sitges now…when you see their new flyer boys… David has certainly picked a winning combination for the bar..

Dark Sitges Bar – Eurovision Party.

Dark Sitges will host a special party on Saturday the 14th of May for the Eurovision Finals, with free Pica Pica from 8.30pm.

Dark Sitges Bar – Underwear Party

Dark Sitges kicks off the Spring Season with the first Underwear Party tonight, Monday the 18th of April, from 10pm.

Dark Sitges Bar – 2nd Anniversary – Saturday 9th April

It is a week of celebrations in Sitges as the Spring Season kicks-up a gear! Dark Sitges, on C.Bonaire will celebrate its 2nd Anniversary in Sitges on Saturday the 9th of April.