Organic – Reopens for Sitges Carnival – Thur May 3rd

Organic Carnival Reopens

Organic, one of Sitges most popular gay discos, reopens on Thursday the 3rd of March for Sitges Carnival. The club will be open nightly from 2.30am.

For more information on Organic, check out the photos here.

Sitges Carnival – El Candil – Sun 27th Feb 2011.

El Candil Sitges 2011

Sunday evening and in traditional Sitges Carnival Fashion, the town took to El Candil…

El Candil Sitges 2011

This year’s show featured a talent night with prizes for the very best performances..

El Candil Sitges 2011

The costumes were amazing and the bar was full from 7.30…

El Candil Sitges 2011

It was quite a mixture of locals and tourists, from Canada to Taiwan.

El Candil Sitges 2011

El Candil’s Sunday show is one of the most famous weekly events in Sitges.

El Candil Sitges 2011

The bar will be open throughout the Carnival festivities.

El Candil Sitges 2011

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Sitges Carnival at El Piano…

El Piano Carnival 2011

El Piano, on C.Bonaventura celebrates Carnival in Sitges, starting this weekend…

El Piano Carnival 2011

The bar is open throughout the Carnival festivities. You never know who you might bump into!

This Year’s Sitges Carnival Theme – Aliens!

Sitges Carnival 2011

The official poster for Sitges Carnival 2011 has been unveiled. The poster, showing a dancing alien, gives us a hint to the theme of this years festivities! Expect lots of Extra terrestrials.

The Gay Carnival kicks off this weekend with Sauna Sitges On Friday Night, Bourbons on Saturday night, Ruby Sitges opening on Saturday evening and the El Candil Show on Sunday evening!

Check out the official Carnival program here:

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Dinner with Lady Diamond at Parrots – Stiges Carnival 2011

Lady Diamond, Sitges Carnival

Lady Diamond will be returning to Parrots restaurant for her first Dinner Show of the Season on Friday the 4th of March. Parrots Restaurant reopens this Saturday the 26th of February.

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Sitges Carnival 2011 – The Countdown is on…

Sitges Carnival 2011

You can sense it in the streets of Sitges…the anticipation of a party…. perhaps because the workmen are in a rush to finish the streets themselves! Yes, Psg Ribera has almost been completed in time for the parades of Carnival.

The bars are getting ready for the influx of thousands, the shops are stocking up on wigs and glitter and Sitges waits for your arrival! We hope to see you here…and remember to Strike A Pose for the camera!


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Oreks – Sitges Carnival / Carnaval 2011..

Oreks Carnival 2011

Oreks is open throughout the Carnival Festivities with some of the most amazing decorations and galmorous patrons in town!

Their big night is on Monday the 7th of March with a special Prize Night.. so you could win the perfect outfit for the Tuesday Parade!

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Sitges Carnival kicks off at Sauna Sitges – Fri 25th Feb..

Carnaval de Sitges Sauna Sitges

It all kicks off on Friday the 25th of Feb at 3am in Sauna Sitges as the first party of the Sitges Gay Carnival 2011. Let the fun begin! Its an unusual theme.. the night of the most ugly!

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Privilege – Sitges Carnival / Carnaval 2011

Sitges Carnival

Its Cabaret time at Privilege this Carnival in Sitges! Privilege will open on the 2nd of March, every night, until the 9th of March, from 10.30pm. The Privilege Divas will be out in force!

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Parrots Pub and Terrace at Sitges Carnival / Carnval 2011

Parrots Carnival Carnival 2011

Parrots Pub reopens for Carnival on the 2nd of March. This year’s theme is all do do with “Construction”… so who knows what to expect! Lots of hot guys and girls partying the night away is guaranteed though!

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