Sitges Car rally

Sitges Car Rally 2014

Sitges Car Rally

The Sitges Car Rally will take place next weekend from March 29th to 31st. The Car Rally, now in its 56th year marks the return of the Spring season to Sitges. Vintage cars from the pre 1920’s make their way from Barcelona to Sitges on the coast road, arriving in Sitges on Sunday March 30th. Participants dress up in clothing from the roaring 20’s creating an altogether glamorous affair.

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Sitges Vintage Car Rally 2012

Sitges Car Rally 2012

The Annual Barcelona to Sitges Vintage Car Rally took place on Sunday afternoon. More than 50 different Vintage cars took part in the race with most of them arriving at the port by 12. They then headed to La Fragata in Sitges.

Check out the photos in the Gallery Below.

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Sitges Vintage Car Rally 2011

Sitges Vintage Car Rally

This year, the annual Barcelona to Sitges Vintage Car Rally takes place from the 25th to the 27th of March 2011. The cars arrive in Sitges on Sunday the 27th of March from about 1.30pm and will finish at La Fragata beachfront.

The event is always a colourful one and marks the arrival of the Spring Season in Sitges! Check out coverage of previous Car Rally’s on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Sitges Car Rally – Sunday 21st March 2010

San Sebastian

This Sunday, Sitges will be transformed into a town from the 1920’s as the 52nd Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Grand Prix makes its way through the town. A record 70 cars will take part in the rally this year, including Clement-Bayard, the oldest car from 1906, from Argentina!


Audi, the rally’s sponsors, will also unveil the A1 and A8, models which will lead the cars on their way from Barcelona! Check out the Car Rally’s full details on Gay Sitges Guide here.

6 to 6 – Sitges to Monaco and Milan Car Rally

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The Sitges 6 to 6 (Six to Six) car rally is set to return in 2010. Next year’s event will also include an onward trip from Monaco to Milan, to the home of Ferrari!

This year’s event saw some of the most amazing cars leave from La Fragata to take place in the rally. Next year’s event is set to see even more entries.

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