XXL and the Streets of Sitges during Bears Week, April 2011

As you make your way through the streets of Sitges this weekend, you cant help but notice all of the bears…. in the BearZONE, in-between XXL and El Horno..

Parrots Pub – Bears Week – April 2011..

Parrots Pub and Terrace, fresh from its recent renovations is attracting people throughout the night, both inside in its luxurious lounge and outside, on its cruisy terrace!

Lady Diamond at Parrots Restaurant, Sitges – Dinner with Diamonds & Bears..

Lady Diamond’s Special, if rather impromptu, “Dinner with Diamonds and Bears”..was a sold out success on Friday.

Lady Diamond – Dinner with Diamonds & Bears – Sitges – April 29th

Tonight, Lady Diamond will host her “Dinner with Diamonds”…. with a very warm welcome for all of the Bears who are in Sitges for bears week! The evening kicks off from 8.30pm, with tables available throughout the evening.

Bears Week Sitges – April 2011 – Opening Night at XXL..

The Bears arrived in force on Wednesday night in XXL. We paid a visit to XXL, the home of the bears during the weekend event.

Bears Week Sitges – September 2011 Dates Confirmed

The dates for Sitges Bears Week in September have been confirmed. The event will take place from the 5th to the 11th of September. This year sees some new activities and events planned for the event! Stay tuned for details!

Bears week Sitges continues…

Bears week continues this weekend. Sitges is has never seen such a busy September. Tonight, at Organic, the final of Mr.Bear Sitges takes place from 2.30am.

Bears Bar – Sitges, Summer 2010.

Celebrating 10 years in Sitges this Summer, Bears Bar is still one of the most popular bars in Sitges for Bears and their friends.

Organic on a Gay Sitges Long Weekend…

Sunday night and Organic played host to the closing of the International Bears Meeting. Organic is open every night for the Summer Season from 2.30am. Check out the photos of Organic on Gay Sitges Guide by visiting the link below.

The Bears return to Gay Sitges this week!

The 6th International Bear Meeting takes place this week in Sitges from the 29th of April to the 6th of May.