Bears Sitges 2011 – Event details coming soon!

A lot of you have been emailing us for the dates for next years Bears Events in May and September. Unfortunately we are still awaiting the dates for the Bears Week and Meetings for 2011. As soon as we have an update, we will post it on the blog.

Bears week Sitges continues…

Bears week continues this weekend. Sitges is has never seen such a busy September. Tonight, at Organic, the final of Mr.Bear Sitges takes place from 2.30am.

Bears Week…. Sitges in September…

As the boys head back to school… the men descend in Sitges. And so it goes, as September arrives, we receive a fresh influx of visitors to Sitges.

Sitges Bears Week in September…

This September, Sitges is set for its annual bear-invasion, as the town attracts thousands of bears and their admirers! This year’s Bears Week takes place from the 6th to the 12th of September and we have some great hotel and apartment deals now available.

The Bears Return to Sitges – 6th International Bear Meeting BSC:

The Bears Return to Sitges this Spring at the start of the May Bank Holiday Weekend 2010.

International Bears Week 2010

The dates for Bears Week Sitges 2010 have been finalised.

Lady Diamond – Queenz Bar – Bears Week..

Lady Diamond Sings as The Bears mill about Sitges!