Gay Beach Party 2012 – End of July.

We are on the cusp of the August bank holiday weekend and the crowds in Sitges are growing daily. The Beach party is one of the highlights of the Sitges Party week!

Pink, Plastic and Fantastic – Sitges Gay Beach Party

This Tuesday night, celebrate the end of August with a bang at the Gay Beach Party at L’Atlantida. Its Barbie & Ken night…os you just need to decide who you want to be! Buses leave from outside the Hotel Calipolis every 15mins from 12.30am.

Tonight – Bitch Beach Party Party at L’Atlantida…

Tonight, the Gay Beach Party takes sexy to the extreme! The Bitch Beach Party will feature some of the hottest Go Go boys and dancers in Barcelona! The party kicks off at 00.30hrs and there is a free shuttle bus from outside the Calipolis Hotel.

Gay Beach Party Photos

Check out the photos of the Gay Beach Party at L’Atlantida on opening night.

Gay Beach Party – Finale, Sitges 2009

The final of the Gay Beach party at L’Atlantida, Sitges