Treat yourself to a weekend in Sitges…


We recently received an email from a regular visitor to Sitges. They wanted to get away for the weekend, but wanted to do something different. Yes, they love going to all the regular hot spots in Sitges, but were looking for a more relaxed and chilled out weekend..

Our first suggestion was to consider where you want to stay. One of our recommendations…a suite at the Calipolis Hotel; Stunning views and off-season rates make this an ideal location. Or, consider one of our stunning villas with private pool, built into the mountains on the outskirts of Sitges, less than 5 minutes taxi from town.

Check out rates at the Calipolis Hotel Here. I Book luxury villas and apartments with Gay Apartments 4 u here.


Then of course you will want to eat… Two of our suggestions are completely different. If you’re looking for some authentic Southern Californian Inspired Tacos, Nachos and more, together with some of the best frozen Margaritas in town, then head to SoCa.

And if you really want to dine out in style then try Exquisit, by the port. Their menu is truly inspired and their deserts are a treat even all on their own!


Then you will want to look your best… this is Sitges after all. For the latest in international fashion check out Passione Sitges. Their Autumn collection has just arrived and the staff are friendly and helpful, in multiple languages.

Or you may want to check out the latest ranges from Italy and France. Look no further than Les Garcons, Sitges. Designer clothing at affordable prices with a wide range of styles and sizes.


Finally after a long day lazing by the pool, dining out and shopping, you may just want to chill out. Two of Sitges trendiest chill-out zones have to be Air Coco on the seafront and Sitthai’s chill-out lounge on C.Bonaire. The prefect way to unwind and relax.