Sitges Carnival 2019 – Full Schedule of Parties and Parades

  • SITGES CARNIVAL 2019! - What to Expect!

    Sitges Carnival takes place from the 25th of Feb to the 6th of March, attracting more than 300,000+ visitors.

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Carnival returns to Sitges in FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019. Dress to impress!

This year Sitges Carnival will be celebrating its 44th Anniversary. The carnival has been held without interruption in its present form, each year since 1976 where it began as “el Carnaval de la Democràcia” – The Carnival of Democracy. However, the Carnival tradition dates back much further with the oldest document relating to Sitges Carnival dating from the 15th century.

This year the carnival will attract an estimated 300,000 visitors and will feature 2,500 people on more than 50 floats. You can follow all of the action on Facebook and Twitter via #SitgesCarnaval19.

GETTING TO SITGES for Carnival 2019

45,000 additional seats will be added to the Barcelona to Sitges train route as well as high frequency buses throughout the event. On the Monday and Wednesday mornings, trains will furn from 01.29H every 20 minutes. Buses will run every 30 minutes, from 23.30 to 05.40 for the duration of the carnival.

If you want to organise or share a bus, check out the new app, Busup!

International visitors traveling from Barcelona or the Airport should check out out Getting To Sitges section for detailed information.

THURSDAY (Dijous Gras) 28th of February

  • Arrival of the King!

    19.15 PM – The king arrives at La Fragata on the beachfront! The king will make his way through the town with his entourage!

    Route Passeig de la Ribera, c / Bonaire, c / Parellades, Cap de la Vila, c / Major and Plaça de l’Ajuntament

  • Arrival of the Queen

    7.30pm, – The Queen of Carnival will meet the King at Cap de La Vila.

  • The Predicot

    The King of carnival will take over responsibility for the Village via the “Predicot” – the reading of his manifesto, Plaça de l’Ajuntament.

Arrival of the King of Sitges Carnival

SATURDAY 2nd March

The bed race or CURSA DE LLITS DISFRESSATS DE SITGES as it is known, is one of the craziest, most colourful races you will ever experience. People in various types of costume (think a Camp Meets Carnival) race beds, or anything with wheels, through the streets of Sitges!

At 11am the annual “Bed Race” will make its way through the steets of Sitges, via the following route; Casino Prado, Françesc Gumà, Jesús, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Sant Pau, Passeig de la Ribera Sant Pere, Parellades, Bonaire, Passeig de la Ribera until pintor Pere Pruna’s gardens.

If you are looking for the ideal spot to see the best of the race action, head to the corner of C.Bonaire. You will notice all of the bales of hay! These are the crash barriers that protect the racing participants as they whizz round the corners of the narrow streets in a race to get to the finish line!

Sitges Bed Race

SUNDAY 3rd March – Main parade – RUA DE LA DISBAUXA (The Debauchery Parade)

  • The Main Parade

    Sunday is one of the biggest days of the Carnival festivities. The main parade takes place from 8pm.

  • Parade Route

    Exit from the bottom of Avenida Sofia, Paseo de la Ribera (banda mar), La Fragata, Paseo de la Ribera (mountain trail), c / Bassa Ronda, Plaça del Pou Vedre, c / Espalter, c / Sant Francesc and Cap de la Vila.

  • Our Top Tips

    This year there are bleachers at the corner of Fragata where you can see the entire parade on free seats! But get there early. They will fill fast. Plan your night in advance. You should grab your spot before 8pm to see the parade, but be prepared to wait. The main parade can take several hours to get through he streets. Head to your chosen gay bar party before the parade ends, so as to avoid the mad rush of people once everything finishes!

TUESDAY 5th March – Main parade – RUA DE L’EXTERMINI (The Extermination Parade)

  • The Second Parade

    On Tuesday things get a little crazier as the Carnival nears the end of its journey! The parade kicks off  at 9pm.

  • Parade Route

    Avenida Sofia, Paseo de la Ribera (banda mar), La Fragata, Paseo de la Ribera (mountain trail), c / Bassa Ronda, Plaça del Pou Vedre, c / Espalter, c / Sant Francesc and Cap de la Vila.

  • Top Tips

    Its a little (although not by much) quieter on the Tuesday night v’s the Sunday night parade. If you managed to catch some of the Sunday parade, then head out a little later to see some of the floats you might have missed!

Tuesday Carnival Parade

WEDNESDAY 6th March – The Last Goodbye & The Burial of the King!

At 18.30 pm the traditional “Burial of the Sardine” (ENTERRRO DE LA SARDINA) takes place with the death of the Carnival king and his procession through the town via the following route, Town Hall Square, C / Major, Cap de la Vila, c / de les Parellades, c / Bonaire, Passeig de la Ribera

At 8 pm the last will and testament of the King will be read and the carnival will be officially closed in a spectacular Farewell Ceremony via the following route- Passeig de la Ribera, c / Bonaire, c / Parellades and Cap de la Vila – where the Manifest de la Verdura will be read.  Although the death of the king is a sad affair, the event is beautifully choreographed!  The king’s many “widows” are battle it out to be the most “mournful”. Many of the most famous windows will be dressed in Drag! Once the event concludes,  its on to the bars and clubs for the “Widows Night”.

Special Dinners take place with aperitifs taking place at Parrots Pub and Locacola followed by a superb dinner at Le Patio.

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