The State of Emergency in Spain has ended. We are awaiting information from the local council as to what measures will remain in place for the beaches.

Sitges Beaches Reopen – New Rules for sunbathing in 2020

As Sitges transitions through the 4 phases of the lock down, new rules will come into place regarding the beaches, including access and space restrictions.

New rules for Sitges Beaches

The beaches of Sitges reopened (June 2nd) for sunbathing and swimming. Summer temperatures rose to highs of 24 degrees.

Work to replace the sand removed by the storms of March and April begins on June 10th and will finish on June 24th. The following beaches will be effected – Estanyol, Bassa Rodona and Riera Xica.

Visitors will have to maintain social distance and wear a mask on entering and when paying for sun loungers or drinks.

Lifeguard service resumes from June 8th. The showers (including the foot showers) will remain closed.

Gay beach Sitges

12 of Sitges 19 beaches will be open to the public. There will be one single access point to each beach with security controls managing the total number of sunbathers allowed on each beach.

Visitors to the beach will have a space of 4 square meters. Information screens will show how many spaces are available when you arrive.

Sitges reopens to International tourists from the beginning of July – Hotels are offering great rates, with flexible cancellation to encourage your return!


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