Did somebody say Fire?

This post finds itself further afield than Sitges today…. all the way to Bilbao. You see the firemen of Bilbao have posed in a calendar, Bomberos de Calendario en Bilbao !, to raise funds to attend in Olympic games for firemen and police. Hasn't he got a lovely Fire Engine! We certainly know where the […]

Getting Naked – In Spain even the Politicians are HOT

Everything in Spain is Hot! You know that… its why you come here in your thousands… and now even the politicians are getting in on the act. Take for example the boy in the photos above. Ok, we have no idea what his sexual persuasion is.. but he looks hot… He's a lawyer, he's 25 […]

Greetings Technorati Users

Hi to all the users who are finding us through Technorati. Technorati Profile. Keep sending in your comments, photos and tips.

Hot in Sitges

Well Boys!!!! It is hot in Sitges at the moment. We are in the middle of heatwave…and the temperatures are set to rise again tomorrow. The beaches were packed this Sunday… so packed in fact, that the beach captains took over almost all of the public beach with the overpriced deckchairs… but it was better […]

Bourbons – Sitges

Well, Bourbon's website is finally up and running. After a 10 day marathon, the site is now live and full of the latest pics of Bourbons as well as a few older ones of Carnival and a gallery of very memorable parties. For a great way to spend the evening in Sitges, be sure to […]

Weather in Sitges

The Weather in Sitges is quite unique. Even though it is 30mins from Barcelona, the fact that it is surrounded by mountains gives Sitges its very own micro-climate. So on days when it is pouring rain in Barcelona, clear blue skies and temperatures of 30 degrees (July/Aug) are the norm for Sitges. However, do a […]

Privilege – Ian and Raphael

Privilege, on Calle Bonaire, has reopened this year with a fresh new look. And there to serve you are Ian and Raphael. Lovely!