Carnival 2017 – Plz Industria – Sunday!

The fun continues in Sitges during Carnival 2017 in Plz Industria for the Sunday night post parade party!

Carnival 2017 – Saturday – Plz Industria

Another crazy carnival night during Sitges Carnival 2017 in Plz Industria and on the streets of Sitges.

Carnival 2017 – Friday – Plz Industria

Memories of Sitges Carnival 2017 on Friday night during one of the busiest nights so far in the village.

Sitges Carnival 2017 – Thursday!

A fun Thursday night in Parrots Pub with some unexpected live shows at Carnival 2017.

Parrots Pub – Wed Carnival 2017

The night before the crazy carnival kicks in as Parrots prepares for guests arrivals!

Parrots Pub & Restaurant, Noche de las Mantillas – 2017

The traditional start of Carnival at Parrots Pub and Parrots Restaurant for Noche de las Mantillas!

Parrrots Pub 2016 – Stop Sida

Every year at the end of September, Parrots raises funds for local AIDS awareness charity.

Parrots Pub 2016 – The White Night

More party celebrations in Parrots Pub & Terrace during the Summer at the White Night!

Parrots Pub 2016 – The Love Party

Every July, Parrots hosts a series of Summer events and parties not to be missed!

Parrots Pub – July 2016!

Hot summer nights continue in Parrots Pub Sitges – where the terrace is full full full!