Parrots Pub Stop Sida night

Parrots Stop SIDA Event 2018

Parrots Pub raised over 5,800 at the annual charity auction for Stop SIDA the local Barcelona AIDS/HIV Awareness charity.

Bears Week Sitges 2017

Bears Week Sitges – Saturday in the Bear Square 2017.

The last Saturday of Bears Week Sitges in September, in the busy bear square at Plz Industria.

Bears Week Sitges 2017 – Friday Night – Bear Square

A busy Bear Square by Parrots pub on Plz Industria during Bears Week.

Addicted Fashion Show – Second Thursday – Bears Week Sitges

A mix of bears and boys for the Addicted Fashion show during Bears Week Sitges.

Plz Industria – Bear Square – Bears Week Sitges 2017

Photos taken in Plz Industria and Parrots Pub during Bears Week Sitges in September.

Addicted Fashion Show – Bears Week Sitges 2017

Photos of the ADDICTED Sitges Fashion show during Bears Week 2017.

Addicted Fashion Show – Fiesta Mayor Weekend

The Addicted Fashion Show in Sitges during Fiesta Mayor.

Addicted Fashion Show at Parrots Pub

Check out the hottest fashion from ADDICTED every Thursday night at Parrots Pub Sitges.

Delice Dream – Mid week in Parrots 2017

The party for Delice continues into the week with the hottest gogos and dancers in Sitges!

Carnival 2017 – Plz Industria – Second Tuesday!

And that was Tuesday, in Sitges at Carnival 2017 in Plz Industria and along the bars of Parrots, Summer Lounge and Mojito!