Amazing Views of Sitges

Fabricio in Sitges

Sitges has some amazing scenery. And what better way to view it than with a beautiful man…. We were out with Fabricio, taking some shots before he heads home to Brazil. But don't worry.. he will be back again next Season. Until then.. here he is enjoying some of Sitges more familiar sights.

Fabricio by the canon

These canons were meant to keep people out in the middle ages… now the invaders are more welcome…

Fabricio La Fragata Beach

La Fragata beach in the background is home to some of the more high-end restaurants in Sitges. It is also the scene where many local festivities are set, including the fireworks displays, the wine trashing competition and a host of other one-off events in Sitges. When it gets really hot, it is the best place to watch the boys play beach voleyball in the Summer…. lovely.

Voleyball Sitges