6 Supercool events not to miss in Sitges 2015!

Sitges is know as the Village of Festivals. You can be virtually guaranteed that there will be some party taking place during your visit! Here are out top 6 picks of must-see events in 2015.


Easter Escape will feature a series of parties, dinners and circuit events to kick off the start of the Spring Season!


The first of the official bears meeting, more intimate than September! During the May Bank Holiday!


Sitges Pride – One of Europe’s most popular gay prides takes place right by the sea with amazing parties and an open air gay village!


Circuit Barcelona is one of the world’s biggest gay festivals and hosts the larges outdoor watermark party in the world!


Fiesta Mayor is one of the most important of the Transitional Sitges festivals – The main firework performance is not to be missed!


One of the most important and largest bears week in the world, the Sitges event takes place in its own bear village by the sea every September!

Events kick off in Sitges 2015 with the beginning of the Season opening during the very first Sitges Easter Escape (details finalised Feb 28th). Then we head into the May bank holiday with the very first Bears Party of the Season.

June sees one of the biggest events of the entire Sitges Calendar with Gay Pride taking place over 5 days along the seafront, and in the bars and clubs of Sitges culminating in a stunning parade!

August is full of things to do in Sitges…and full of hot guys willing to do them! The world’s largest gay party, Circuit takes place just 30 minutes from Sitges. Many guys choose Sitges as their base of operations for this full-on party event! Check out our survival guide for details on how to get the best out of circuit!

Those looking for something that mixes culture, tradition and Catalan craziness should look no further than Fiesta Mayor. Steeped in the tradition of the town, the event features fire parades, human towers and a stunning firework display at the height of the Summer Season!

Finally, September brings the second Bear event, Sitges Bears Week, which has its own dedicated village and attracts more than 5,000+ bears, chasers, admirers and more for 9 days of fur and fun!