Pre Bitch Beach Party – Mojito & Parrots Restaurant

C.Joan Tarrida is certainly the place to be in Sitges at the moment. From the top of the Street at La Villa to the Bottom at Mojito, it is packed every night with hot guys out on the town!

Old Pants for New – The Es Collection Show at Privilege.

Thursday nights at Privilege are certainly fun. Swap our old pants for new!

Organic – Fiesta Mayor 2012

Fiesta Mayor and its a time when everyone parties hard and late! And what better place to party than in Organic.

Fiesta Mayor – Trailer – Foam Party

This year’s foam parties have been even bigger and better thanks to the new management of the club.

Fiesta Mayor – Privilege – August 2012

After Lady Diamond’s show in Parrots restaurant everyone headed off to Privilege. The Fiesta Mayor party was already heating up on the dance floor.

Dinner with Diamonds – Fiesta Mayor

Its Fiesta Mayor in Sitges and the town is full… And the streets were full on Friday night as Lady performed her “Dinner with Diamonds” show on Friday in Parrots Restaurant.

Summer Nights Out – Privilege August 2012.

It seems you guys can’t get enough of hot nights in Privilege. Once again there were queues at the door to get into the bar.

August Nights in Sitges at Parrots Terrace

Mondays in Sitges and you just never know who might turn up in a photo. Parrots Pub and Terrace has certainly had it share of unique visitors this year.

Organic – Anniversary Party.

Organic celebrated its 13th Anniversary in Sitges this year. And they held a very special party in the Club on Friday night.

Let’s do it – Summer Parties in Privilege!

“Those Hot Summer Nights”…. definitely true in Privilege. From the steamy sounds on the dance floor to the cavorting in the cages.. The men who visit Privilege seem very uninhibited!